2018 Cloud Dance (Head in the Clouds)


Since 2010 I have researched the theory and practice of rainmaking rituals and believes and have experimented how I can combine them with my creative process to call the rain. Cloud Dance is one of these experiments where I am becoming the cloud. Wind is needed for the movement of clouds, but if it is too strong the clouds dissolve. Cloud Dance enacts the dance between clouds and wind, holding on and letting go.

Cloud Dance (Head in the Clouds) was selected for and exhibited at the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, 2018 (Korea) and the 9th International Wind Art Festival “moving wind”  2018 (Northern Hessen, Germany).

Video Artwork by Imke Rust, Loop 6min
Location: Richmond, South Africa 2016
Artist: Imke Rust
Video: Imke Rust
Editing: Steffen Holzkamp