Rainmaker 2010

IRust_Rainmaker WebsmallRainmaker

A site-specific temporary intervention at the foot of the Waterberg, Namibia.
Medium: Masking Tape on rock
Artist: Imke Rust (c)
photographed and assisted by Steffen Holzkamp(Photos by Imke Rust and Steffen Holzkamp)

For some time I am contemplating the power of manifestation through art (either through music, dance, words or images) like for instance the “Rain Dance” preformed by many tribes for centuries and sadly often ridiculed and slowly being forgotten. What if the energy, which is set free through the creation of art – in whatever physical manifestation – is indeed a power much greater than we can imagine. And what if we can use art to manifest things we desire, like peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and…. rain?

To read more about the Rainmaker installation, please click here.

This artwork has been created on the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge and has been removed after documentation.