Pause (It is the pause that brings thought to life), Int. Forest Art Path, Germany 2022
INERTIA, CountdownGrabowsee, Germany 2022
Residenza Insecta, ZAC project for RespirArt, Italy 2022
Dialog with Clouds – ZAC
Villoslada de Cameros Spain 2022
The Shy One
St.Corona am Wechsel, Austria 2022
St.Corona am Wechsel, Austria 2022
Drawing Certainty from the Spring of Doubt
Hälsingland, Sweden 2021
NamensTropfen Memorial Waldbau KZ Neubrandenburg 2021
Frauen-Kamm Silhouetten Memorial, Waldbau – KZ Neubrandenburg 2020
Tracing Lines, Namib Desert 2020
Lost City, Namib Desert 2020
Seven Gates of the Rainsnake, Abidjan 2019

Circle of Life, Abidjan 2019

The Passage, Abidjan 2019

Floating Energy, Darmstadt 2018

Three Young Muses, Dnipro 2016
Tokoloshe Trap, Namib Desert

Subrosa, Namib Desert

Salt Circles – Atlantic Coast, Swakopmund
Dung Ball Circle, Moonscape, Namib Desert

Toxic Rocks 2012 – Black Rocks, Namib Desert
Written on Stone – Black Rocks, Namib Desert

Dorob Not4Sale, Dorob National Park
Yellow, 2012 – Black Rocks, Namib Desert
Toxic Water 2012, Atlantic Coast
IRust_Lamp Chair Rock Websmall
A Lamp, a Chair, a Rock… Waterberg
Rainmaking Experiment #1 by Imke Rust - click on image for more information and pictures.
Rainmaker, Waterberg 2010
Weeping Women2007 (4)
Weeping Women Etosha Nat. Park,

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