Yellow 2012

Yellow (©ImkeRust)

Yellow (©ImkeRust)

Yellow (Centre)

Temporary Installation: thousands of yellow Nidorella flowers from a farm 300km away, arranged in a rock crevice. “Black Rocks” at Wlotzkasbaken, Namib Desert
22° 25’ 36” S – 14° 27’ 54” E, March 2012
Original Dimensions: 50 x 245 x 40cm
Nidorella Nordenstamii Flowers, rock

About the work:

In this work an unnaturally radiating yellow line made out of flowers appears in the crack between two rocks. This work is a warning against the possibly inadequate storage of waste products (so-called tailings) from the yellowcake production of the uranium mines in the Namib. It is believed by some to cause a dangerously high radiation in the surrounding areas which are easily accessible by the public.

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