Namibia: Past & Present

2022 Namibian Blind Spots

Series of six images, each 36x47cm, Gesso on found calender pages from the AZ Calender

Looking at Namibia’s land and history we all have our own blind spots…

2019 A Thorny Issue – Performance

A lens-based meditative performance by Imke Rust, Farm Otukarru, Namibia. (2017, Released 2019)

Video documentation, editing and audio by Steffen Holzkamp.

A Thorny Issue – lens-based performance

2019 (The Impossibility of) Cleansing Healing Watering

(The Impossibility of) Cleansing Healing Watering is a lens-based performance dealing with my personal exploration of Namibia’s colonial history and the question of how we can cleanse ourselves of the guilt of our ancestors, heal the wounds and work towards a fruitful future.
(Created in collaboration with Steffen Holzkamp)

2018 and before

The Horse is a Problem. The Horse Must Go. (Iwalewahaus collection)

Read more about this and the next work HERE.

Who Cares About the Horse? (Iwalewahaus collection)

Land Issues

Götterdämmerung (Acrylic and red pencil on Canvas, 100x80cm) © Imke Rust
Götterdämmerung (Acrylic and red pencil on Canvas, 100x80cm) © ImkeRust
Talking about the artworks ‘Götterdämmerung’ (above left), Promises of Death (below left) and Digging up Old Bones (right).