Nature Art

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2018 Exploring Chios

Nature artworks created on the Greek Island Chios

2017 Exploring Chios

2017 Urban Nature – GNAP Germany

Nature artworks created during the Global Nomadic Art Project – Germany 2017 – Urban Nature

Bee Fossil (Interactive Artwork (Oil slate, acrylic) Grube Messel)

2017 Interactive Forest Art – Neu-Friedrichsthal, Brandenburg (Ongoing)

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This project started with a few porcelain shards which I found and arranged into a chircle in the forest. Everytime I passed by again, I changed the layout. At some stage other people caught on to this and created new layouts and images, which I try to document.

2016 Stories of Rain, GNAP South Africa

Leaf Works (Ongoing)

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2014 and before