2019 Home, Land and Me

Home – Layers of Truth by Imke Rust Exhibition view at ‘Ich höre den Schakal’ at the KVD Dachau. Joint exhibition with Katrin Schürmann.
Home – Layers of Truth (view from the back)

Home is….

…so many different things. It is memories, connections, responsibilities and emotions. From my new homebase in Germany, I explore the personal, political and social links I have to Namibia and the land (farm) which I call home. Current affairs and the colonial history play a role, as do personal memories of growing up on a farm and daily farmlife as expreienced during my visits to my family.

You can find the videos which were part of the exhibition here:

(The Impossibility of) Cleansing Healing Watering

A Thorny Issue

Short video of the exhibition and opening:

A good article about the exhibition in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (in German) can be found here: