2019 Seven Gates of the Rainsnake (Abidjan)

Created as part of the Abidjan Green Arts Biennale 2019 in the Banco National Park, Abidjan.

Below a short video of the work:

Ephemeral Installation, approximately 10m long x 1,70m heigh. Bamboo, Sisal rope, branches, talcum powder and sunflower oil.

This work was created during the last two days of the Abidjan Green Arts Biennale. The original idea was to create a work directly linked to the title of the AGA Biennale ‘DÉCHIFFRER LA FORÊT’ (Decipher the Forest) by creating mysterious signs or codes which seem to float on an almost invisible line. As I worked, these signs slowly took on the idea of a mythological snake which protects the rainforest and the rain. Hence the title.

During the opening I introduced this work to the audience under blue sky. As everybody passed the rainsnake to continue to the next work, there was sudden and unexpected deep and long rumbling of a thunder. A few minutes later the rain started to pour down on us – just maybe the rainsnake wanted to remind us of her magical powers…

According to the philosophy of the Abidjan Green Arts Biennale, all works were created with found, bio-degradable materials and as temporary works.