2019 Abidjan Green Arts Biennale

During my participation in the Abidjan Green Arts Biennale 2019 (click the link to read more about the event) I have created four site-specific and site-responsive works, with only materials found on site and natural, biodegradable paint. All works are ephemeral and intended to eventually be dissolved into nature again.

You can find the official instagram page of the Abidjan Green Arts Biennale HERE.

The Seven Gates of the Rainsnake

Material: Bamboo, sisal rope, branches, talcum powder and sunflower oil
Dimensions: variable

Below a short video of the work:

HERE you can read more about the background of this artwork.

Circle of Life

A big nest created out of branches, placed between a small, young tree at the entrance, a tall, strong tree on the left side and an old, dead tree on the right side.

The Passage

Site-responsive artwork, dead tree over a dry riverbed, clay from close-by river.

Magical Rain Collector

Bamboo and seeds from local tree sourced from the forest.

Thank you to artist Jems Koko Bi, initiator and organisor, Ute Ritschel from the Waldkunstpfad in Darmstadt and Ousseynou Wade from Senegal, curators and all sponsors, organisors and fellow artists.

Internationales Waldkunst Zentrum