2022 Residenza Insecta – ZAC project for RespirArt, Italy,

“Residenza Insecta” evolved from the “Terra Insecta” research. The artists of Zest Artist Collective have studied the world of insects through different approaches: scientific biological, social, spiritual, physical, emotional, intuitive, historical, etc. The project for RespirArt, through practical and poetic actions, underlines the importance of positive collaboration between human beings and the different living beings within our ecosystems. “Residenza Insecta” emulates a human interpretation of insect dwelling, mimicking the way insects build their nests and live in organized colonies. The various elements are combined in a colony as if they could host different species and live as one body. The work is made out of steel and steel wool, and is about 3,5m high.

The work was conceived by various members of the collective and created by Imke Rust and Sally Kidall on site for Respirart Pampeago.

The Pampeago RespirArt Art Park is one of the highest artparks in the world. Founded in 2011 by Beatrice Calamari and Marco Nones, it moves your steps along a 3km loop, between the Agnello Refuge, at an altidude of 2.200m, and the Chalet Caserina, at an altitude of 2.000m.

All photos by © Imke Rust