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Offene Ateliers 7. & 8. Mai

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„Die Welt ist bunt. Manchmal schön. Immer aufregend!“

Ich weiß nicht mehr wo ich das gelesen habe oder von wem es ist, aber seit dem ist es zu einer Art Motto in meinem Leben geworden. Und ich finde es passt auch zu meiner Kunst.

Am 7. & 8.Mai  (11- 18 Uhr) könnt ihr euch selbst davon überzeugen. Denn auch in diesem Jahr öffne ich mein Atelier zu den Tagen des offenen Ateliers in Brandenburg.

Wolltest du immer schon mal Kunst von mir besitzen? Oder frische Impulse an deinen leeren Wänden haben? Ein außergewöhnliches Geschenk für einen lieben Menschen? Oder, vielleicht willst du dein erspartes Geld in schöne und aufregende Kunst investieren, bevor es an Wert verliert? Dann ist jetzt die ideale Gelegenheit!

Es gibt tausend gute Gründe Kunst zu kaufen…

Noch einer ist mir zu helfen, Platz zu schaffen für neue, aufregende Arbeiten die gerne entstehen wollen.
Denn mein Atelier platzt aus seinen Nähten und ich würde gerne Platz für Neues schaffen… Gerade in den letzten „Corona Jahren“ sind viele neue Arbeiten entstanden, dafür gab es aber wenig Möglichkeit sie auszustellen oder zu verkaufen.

Außerdem: Während überall die Preise steigen, sind meine immer noch die Gleichen. Da ich wirklich gerne Platz schaffen will, biete ich viele der älteren und größeren Arbeiten sogar noch billiger an.  

Es gibt Arbeiten auf Leinwand oder Papier, von ganz klein bis groß (100x100cm – so das es immer noch bequem mitgenommen werden kann) – alles unter 1000 Euro.

Aber natürlich darfst du auch gerne die Gelegenheit nutzen, einfach so mal wieder vorbei zu kommen – zu gucken, fragen, quatschen und austauschen.

Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch!

Birkenstr. 11, 16515 Oranienburg O/T Neu_Friedrichsthal

Robinson… Mixed-media on found book cover.


“The world is colourful. Sometimes beautiful. Always exciting!”

I don’t remember where I read this or who wrote it, but since then it has become something of a motto in my life. And I think it also fits my art.

On 7 & 8 May (11 – 18h00) you can see for yourself. Because this year I’m opening my studio again for the open studio days in Brandenburg.

Have you always wanted to own art from me? Or have fresh impulses on your empty walls? An extraordinary gift for a loved one? Or, maybe you want to invest your saved money in beautiful and exciting art before it loses value? Now is the ideal opportunity!

There are a thousand good reasons to buy art….

One more is to help me make room for new, exciting work that is eager to be created.
Because my studio is bursting at the seams and I would like to make room for something new… Especially in the last two “Corona years”, many new works were created, but there was little opportunity to exhibit or sell them.

Besides, while prices are rising everywhere, mine are still the same. Since I really want to make room, I offer many of the older and larger works even cheaper.  

There are works on canvas or paper, from very small to large (100x100cm – so it can still be taken along comfortably) – everything under 1000 Euros.

But of course you are also welcome to just drop by – to have a look, ask questions, chat and exchange ideas.

I look forward to your visit!
Birkenstr. 11, 16515 Oranienburg O/T Neu_Friedrichsthal

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Rust imagines Twyfelfontein in Sweden

By Martha Mukaiwa for The Namibian Newspaper (copied here with kind permission)

and further down: an interview with Johan Adeström published in Söderhamns Kurieren (translated to English via the internet and copied here with kind permission.

Imke Rust in her art installation ‘Drawing Certainty from the Spring of Doubt’, at Erik-Anders Farm, Asta, Sweden

IN a once derelict hut in Sweden, award-winning multidisciplinary artist Imke Rust draws the spirit of Twyfelfontein across space and time.

Her installation which connects the decorated farmhouses of Hälsingland and the famed site of ancient rock engravings in northern Namibia was created for this year’s World Heritage Scholarship.

Rust was awarded the residency from a crop of 101 applicants from 34 countries and spent four weeks living and working at Sweden’s Hälsingegården Erik-Anders and Kristofers Farm.

The scholarship invited artists to connect the aspirational and elaborately hand-painted farmhouses of Hälsingland with another Unesco World Heritage site and Rust quickly saw a link with the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein, some of which, like ‘Lion Man’ and ‘Dancing Kudu’, are said to depict shamanic rituals and trances.

“Both sites are not ‘mere decorations’ but are intentional creative interventions, which allow us to transcend into an alternative reality,” she says.

Transforming the hut into a fairy tale-like space by painting wallpaper in the style of the decorated Hälsingland farms while referencing Twyfelfontein in images rendered akin to the famed rock engravings, Rust engaged in a highly intuitive process that combined found natural and man-made objects with retro telephone book pages which culminate in an installation she titled ‘Drawing Certainty from the Spring of Doubt’.

Though the installation is in Sweden and draws on Twyfelfontein, Rust maintains that neither becomes the other.

“The installation creates a room where both sites are in correspondence with each other, without imposing one on the other. Correspondence is an open-ended, dialogical process of unfolding and becoming,” she says.

To Rust, this straddling and correspondence between realities, cultures, time and space, provides a unique opportunity for learning and connection.

“Maybe a bit like eavesdropping on a conversation between the two sites and making up your own story from the elements you recognise and the ones which seem strange and unfamiliar. Or like stumbling into an unknown cave and finding more and more treasures as you look, but not fully understanding them.”

Honoured to have her installation supported and on show at the Erik-Anders World Heritage site which receives around 30 000 visitors per year, Rust left Sweden with the feeling of having highlighted our shared humanness.

“One of the central ideas of my art and installation is to show how humans are much more alike than different,” Rust says.

“We marvel at the ‘other’ and how exotic they are, but once we look a bit closer, we can realise that we all have the same needs, hopes and fears.”

Visit imkerust.com to explore the installation online.

–martha@namibian.com.na; Martha Mukaiwa on Facebook and Instagram; marthamukaiwa.com

See more images and info HERE.


International artist weaves together world heritage from Africa and Hälsingland: “Feeling a bit like a curious child”

What do artistic elements in Hälsingland farms have in common with rock carvings from a world heritage site in Namibia?

“Quite a lot”, says the acclaimed Namibian artist Imke Rust, who for a month worked on an art project at Erik-Andersgården in Söderala.

This is the third time that the World Heritage Scholarship has been awarded by the Gävleborg Region. This year, the Namibian artist Imke Rust has received 5,000 euros to create art where two world heritage sites are linked: Twyfelfontein, an area with rock engravings in Namibia and Erik-Andersgården in Söderala.

This year, more than a hundred applications were received from 34 different countries, but the jury stuck to Imke Rust’s application.

She was born and raised in the Namibian capital Windhoek and has on two occasions received the country’s finest art award from the Namibian national art gallery. Nowadays she lives mostly in Germany.

The visit to Sweden is her first, and she did not know much about the country.

– I had an image that it is a well-ordered country far north, with cold winters, she says and smiles, after just having had experienced a hot summer.

Four weeks ago, she came empty-handed to Erik-Andersgården with the task of pursuing her creative idea: to interweave the Hälsinge farms in an interesting way with Namibia’s first world heritage site Twyfelfontein, which means the doubtful spring in Afrikaans, as there is not always water.

– From the beginning, I thought I would do something inside the house at Erik-Andersgården, but the ideas did not work completely, says Imke Rust.

And she is not an artist who works conventionally, strategically and goal-oriented. One of her watchwords is “trust the process”. Usually many small things must happen before the big thing falls into place.

“I had a vague idea, but I was also clear that I am open to the creative process to happen. The places and the material tell me what to do next. It’s like a dialogue. Communicating with the places and the objects and asking how they want to get together”, she says.

She prefers to call herself a multimedia artist. Which means that she uses what is available to take the creation forward.

“I love working like this, to just listen and feel and accept the process. In a way. But it can also be frustrating. As a person, I am really structured as well and like to have a plan for what to do. There may be some conflict …

– And of course I can feel stressed when I have a limited time of four weeks and I have received a scholarship where there are expectations. It can feel a little strange when people come and ask: How are you, what are you doing? And one can only answer: I do not know yet. But I have realized that this is how I work, she says.

But what began with empty hands and an empty sheet has now resulted in an art installation. A walk in the meadows around the farms in Söderala has now ended in a small abandoned cottage a few steps from Erik-Andersgården, which has been given new life.

It with the help of old objects found in the cottage and with new elements of paintings from Twyfelfontein.

– The first thought is of course that there are totally different places from completely different parts of the world. But people have always decorated and used art to communicate and tell things. It does not matter if it was 5,000 years ago in Africa or 300 years ago in Hälsingland. The need is the same, says Imke Rust.

She describes the rock engravings in Twyfelfontein as a way to create an alternative reality. Something that has also been common in Hälsingland.

– Even in the Hälsinge farms, people painted and tried to imitate precious materials such as marble. To make it look more glamorous and finer than it really was.

The tiny cottage was abandoned and full of dust and debris, but also contained a wood stove, wooden chair and some other small items have now been given an alternative reality.

The walls are now decorated with old pages from a telephone directory with exotic painted animals similar to those in Twyfelfontein and small rock carvings in miniature.

– It was only in the last few days that everything came together. I have not really been able to show anything before now.

And how does it feel to leave it behind you now and leave here?

– Exciting and a little sad. I have put so much energy into it. But I like working with things that are non-permanent. When I open the door and walk away, perhaps nature and the rain will destroy it over time. It is also an interesting process…

– If you look in here, you may not understand everything immediately. But your mind will surely create new stories. I hope you feel a bit like a curious child when you look around here, says Imke Rust.

Johan Adeström for Söderhamns Kurieren, originally published in Swedish, translated via Google Translate.

Ein „Selfie“ – mal ganz anders

Körper – Bild – Landschaft Workshop an der KVHS

In den Sozialen Medien sind tausende Selfies zu finden. Und fast jeder der ein Smartphone hat, hat schon mal Eins gemacht. Ob mit oder ohne sexy Pose, Schmolllippen, Duck face  oder aus der Figur-schmeichelnden-von-oben-herab Perspektive… Wir alle haben das Bedürfnis erkannt und gesehen zu werden – so wie wir uns selbst wahrnehmen.

Aber wer sind wir wirklich? Und wie können wir die vielen Schichten und Wahrheiten die uns ausmachen, selbst bewusster erkennen und ausdrücken?

In dem neuen Kurs der Kreisvolkshochschule Oberhavel erstellen die Teilnehmer*innen ein lebensgroßes Selbstbildnis mit Farben, Formen, Symbolen, Bildern und Texten. Du brauchst weder künstlerisches Talent oder Vorerfahrung, nur die Bereitschaft und Lust, dich selber besser kennenzulernen und in einer Gruppensituation zu arbeiten.

Bei dem Workshop geht es um Kreativität, unsere Identität, Körper und unsere Geschichten. 

Diese Dinge bewusster wahrzunehmen, Verbindungen zu erkennen und Wege zu finden das alles für sich selbst auszudrücken… Dazu werden wir uns körperlich bewegen, malen/zeichnen und auch erzählen,  alles immer nur soweit wie es für jeden angenehm ist.

Angelehnt an das Prinzip von Body Mapping (das in den 90er-Jahren in Südafrika als Selbsthilfe für Frauen mit HIV/Aids entwickelt wurde), Äthiopische Heilrollen und verschiedene Mythologien und antikem Wissen aus der ganzen Welt habe ich (Imke Rust, bildende Künstlerin) den Körper-Bild-Landschaften Workshop konzipiert.

Auf großen Papierbögen lernen die Teilnehmer*innen ihre ganz persönliche Geschichte auszudrücken. Die Körperform funktioniert dabei wie eine Landkarte und ich zeige, wie man spielerisch und kreativ eigene Symbole und Ausdrucksformen entwickelt und mehr Selbsterkenntnis erlangt.

Am Ende hat man einen tiefen Einblick erlangt, was die eigene Körper- und Seelenlandschaft ausmacht und in welcher Beziehung wir zu unserer Umwelt stehen. Ausserdem haben wir jeder ein ganz individuelles, spannendes und vielsagendes „Selfie“ erstellt, das wir mit nach Hause nehmen können.

Mit mir kreativ werden / Get creative with me

In diesem Semester biete ich noch zwei Kreativ Workshops an der Volkshochschule Oberhavel, Oranienburg an. Es gibt noch ein paar freie Plätze! Wer also Lust hat mit zu machen, sollte sich bald anmelden.

In this semester there are still two courses at the Volkshochschule Oberhavel, Oranienburg, which I am presenting. There are still some spaces left, so hurry to reserve your spot.  (All courses will be presented in German)

Vision Boards – Ziele kreativ Visualisieren

Am Samstag den 01. 06. 2019, 10:00 bis 16:30 Uhr
(Noch Plätze frei)

Kennst du das auch: man nimmt sich so vieles schönes vor und ehe man sich versieht ist der Monat rum, das Jahr auch schon fast wieder und man hat das Gefühl gar nichts erreicht zu haben?
Oft gehen unsere Träume und Pläne unter, weil es uns schwerfällt uns auf sie zu konzentrieren. Oder wir glauben insgeheim nicht wirklich daran, das wir etwas schaffen oder das unsere Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen könnten…
Das kann sich ändern und ich zeige dir wie!

Vision Boards helfen uns Klarheit zu bekommen über unsere Träume, Ziele und Visionen fürs Leben. Wenn wir diese dann in Formen und Visionen auf Papier umsetzen und sie kreativ Ausdrücken, verleihen wir ihnen Kraft und Momentum.

In diesem Workshop erfährst du was Vision Boards sind und wie sie funktionieren. Jeder erstellt sein eigenes Vision Board: eine besondere Art der Collage mit ausgeschnittenen Bildern aus Zeitschriften, Skizzen, Farben, Texten, Affirmationen und Zielen.

Du brauchst keine vorherige Erfahrung um die einfachen Techniken zu lernen und diese für dich und deine persönliche Zukunftsgestaltung positiv einzusetzen.
Ich leite durch den Prozess, erkläre praktische Techniken, Hintergründe zu dem ‚warum’ und wie solche Vision Boards funktionieren und unterstütze bei der Zielformulierung.

Dozentin: Imke Rust (www.imkerust.com)
Kursnr.: A2701001
Kosten: 25,00 €
Jetzt anmelden unter: https://kvhs.oberhavel.de
Kreisvolkshochschule  Tel 6015752 Oranienburg


Kreativ in der Natur – Land Art Workshop

Am Wochenende vom 15. & 16. Juni 2019
in Neu-Friedrichsthal (noch Plätze frei)

Sehnen sie sich auch nach neuem Ausdruck, Natur und kreativem Schaffen?

Die Natur ist der beste Platz unsere Seele aufblühen zu lassen und neue Impulse in unser Leben zu bringen.

Lust auf etwas Neues und eine Auszeit vom Alltag? Dann lade ich sie herzlich ein, gemeinsam mit mir ihre Kreativität und die Natur neu zu entdecken.

Sie brauchen keine Vorkenntnisse, nur Offenheit, Freude an der Natur und Lust etwas Neues zu lernen.

Entdecken Sie die Natur und deren Farben und Formen auf gestalterische und kreative Weise. Nach einer kurzen Einführung in den kunstgeschichtlichen Hintergrund der Land Art Bewegung sammeln wir Naturmaterialien, die wir draußen vorfinden und gestalten ein oder mehrere vergängliche Werke, die wir fotografisch dokumentieren können. Bitte mitbringen: Wetterfeste Kleidung, Handy oder Digitalkamera, Schere, Taschenmesser, Kleinigkeiten für ein gemeinsames Picknick am zweiten Tag, Sonnen- und Insektenschutz.

Weitere Informationen, Bilder und ein kurzes Video finden sie HIER.

Kursnr.: A2701003
Kosten: 32,50 €

Dozentin: Imke Rust
Jetzt anmelden unter: https://kvhs.oberhavel.de
Kreisvolkshochschule  Tel 6015752 Oranienburg

::: NEU ::: NEU ::: NEU :::

Im neuen Semester wird es wieder den beliebten Art Journaling Kurs geben, sowie den Land Art Workshop. Hinzu kommen noch zwei neue Angebote:

Mut zur freien, intuitiven Malerei  B21302

Untitled. Mixed Media on Paper, 63 x 88

Intuitiv und frei malen und zeichnen – wie geht das? Wo fängt man an, wie arbeitet man Prozessorientiert und wie erschafft man ganz eigene und ausdrucksvolle Bilderwelten? Das, sowie viele Tricks und Tipps zu Komposition, Mischtechniken und Abstraktion, erlernen Sie in diesem Kurs.






Körperbildlandschaften | B21306

Totem fun: Phoenix or the Peacock Eyes. (Ink on paper, 20x20cm. By Imke Rust)

Totem fun: Phoenix or the Peacock Eyes. (Ink on paper, 20x20cm. By Imke Rust)

Auf großen Papierbögen entwickeln wir ein lebensgroßes Bild, basierend auf dem Umriss unseres eigenen Körpers. Inspiriert von Body Mapping, Äthiopischen Heilrollen und afrikanischer Mythologie, experimentieren wir mit Farben, Symbolen, Text und Mustern. Dabei können Sie auch Ihre Emotionen und Ideen kreativ umsetzen, sich und Ihren Körper besser kennenlernen und bewusster wahrnehmen. Vorkenntnisse sind nicht erforderlich.

(Auf PINTREST habe ich eine Seite mit Vorbildern was Äthiopische Heilrollen sind und wie Body Mapping aussieht. Unser Kurs Körperbildlandschaften ist ein wenig an beides angelehnt, aber ganz anders…)

Weitere Informationen findest du im Kreisvolkshochschul Program für das neue Semester. Wenn du schon Fragen hast, bevor das neue Program geladen/gedruckt ist, kannst du mich auch gerne direkt anschreiben.

Ausserdem biete ich auch kreative Workshops für private Gruppen an, zum Beispiel als Geburtstagfeier, Betriebsausflug oder andere besondere Events. Wer Interesse hat, meldet sich einfach direkt bei mir.


A short story about an abandoned cat

My artwork on a lamp pole in Neu-Friedrichsthal

Once upon a time, in August 2015 to be exact, I created a cat, placed a golden crown on her head and abandoned it at the entrance of our village…

Okay, actually I glued it to a concrete pole and hoped it will happily greet any visitors to our little village. Unfortunately it was a very wet August and the so the glue did not stick too well to the pole and the cat, as cats are known to not particularly like wet weather, disappeared very soon.

For a long time, that was the end of the short story about the abandoned cat.

Until recently.

Recently, at the open studio days, we met some kind people who live just down the road from us. Strangely we have not met them before. Possibly because they only live here on the weekends. Anyway, these kind people invited us over to their place soon after for an evening around the fire. It turns out they moved here shortly after we did. That evening they showed us around their house and the renovations they have undertaken.

While inspecting the beautiful house I suddenly had a weird feeling, so I turned around and looked straight into the eyes of a cat. A crowned cat. Lovingly placed among family photographs on the wall.

What a delight to see that my cat is well and ‘alive’ and has found herself a warm and cosy home where she is loved and admired.

When I asked them about the cat, they said, they found it lying on the ground and they were so happy to see some cool art in this area. They thought, if such art can be found here, there surely must be living some nice people too.

And that was the short story about an abandoned and found cat. With a golden crown.

View with street and cyclist

And, if you want to know how cool our down-street neighbours are, have a look at this music video, which was filmed in their garden (and they are among the crowd). Perfectly chilled summer vibes from Meggy & Tigerskin – Bygone Eras:

Offenes Atelier 5/6 Mai (Open Studio)

For English please scroll down.

Ich freue mich auch in diesem Jahr wieder die Türen meines Ateliers für interessierte Besucher und Kunstsammler zu öffnen. Wolltest du schon immer mal wissen wo und wie meine Kunst entsteht? Welche Prozesse, Materialien und Ideen inspirieren meine Kunst? In welcher Umgebung gedeiht sie? Vielleicht kennst du mich aus den sozialen Medien und möchtest mich mal persönlich kennenlernen? Das ist die ideale Gelegenheit!

Das Atelier ist immer ein kreativer und inspirierender Ort! An diesen zwei Tagen kannst du in entspannter Atmosphäre Fragen stellen: Zu mir, meiner Kunst, oder zur Kunst im Allgemeinen.

Die Tage des Offenen Ateliers bieten auch die Möglichkeit, kleinere oder ausgefallenere Arbeiten zu sehen, die man sonst nicht zu sehen bekommt. Natürlich ist es auch die ideale Gelegenheit eines meiner Kunstwerke zu erwerben, für euch selber oder vielleicht sogar als Geschenk.

Wer mich und meine Kunst kennt, weiß dass es da eine große Vielfalt und Auswahl gibt. Kleine Arbeiten oder große, Malereien, Zeichnungen, Naturarbeiten, Skulpturen, abstraktes oder figürliches, auf Papier, Leinwand oder Teebeuteln… für jeden ist etwas dabei. Auch preislich.

Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen oder Kennenlernen und auf interessante Gespräche. Natürlich gibt es auch Getränke und was zum Knabbern, damit auch der Körper (Genuss?) nicht zu kurz kommt während die Seele inspiriert wird.

Offenes Atelier im letzten Jahr / Open Studio view from last year.


Open Studio Days: 5/6 May 2018

Have you always wondered where and how my art originates? What processes, materials and ideas inspire my artworks? In what surrounding they are birthed and grow? Or maybe you know my artworks and me from social media and would love to get to know me personally and see my art in real life? This is the ideal opportunity. I am pleased to open my studio doors again to interested visitors and art collectors.

An artist studio is always an inspiring and creative space! And during these two days you have the chance to experience it in an open and relaxed atmosphere. I will be present all the time and happy to answer any questions about my art and discuss deep or frivolous ideas about art and art making, or life… whatever comes up.

The Open Studio Days also offer the opportunity to see and experience a wide variety of artworks, which are not shown anywhere else and last, but not least, it is a great opportunity to purchase that original artwork which has touched your soul and take it home. Or give it as a gift to somebody special.

Those of you who are familiar with my art know that you will not be lacking of choice. My artworks come in all sizes, styles and materials. There are paintings, drawings, sculptures, figurative or abstract works, nature art, Teabag Totems, fun, pretty or serious  … something for every taste. Also in every price range.

I am looking forward to meet again or to get to know you for the first time, to interesting conservations. It goes without saying that there will be some drinks and food to nourish the body, while your soul gets inspired and elated.

Opening times: 11am till 18pm
Address: Birkenstr. 11, 16515 Oranienburg, O/T Neu-Friedrichsthal
Contact: 0151 26686090 Imke Rust

Catalogue – Global Nomadic Art Project – Europe 2017

The Global Nomadic Art Project has just released the catalogue of the projects done in Europe during 2017.

You might remember that I participated in the GNAP- Germany in August/September 2017 and before that in GNAP – South Africa 2016. It was an incredible honour and also a humbling experience to meet so many wonderful land art artists and work together for 3 weeks at a time.

You can see the results of all the different GNAP projects (Turkey, Lithuania, France, Germany and Eastern Europe) in this beautiful catalogue online:

Please click on the image to be taken to the online catalogue.

My artworks are on page 95 and on page 100 is one image of a performance piece which I made. But, take your time to look at all the other amazing art and artists brought together through this wonderful initiative.

And, if you are interested to see more of the art which I created during the GNAP 2017 – Germany project, please click here to view a compilation of my artworks.

Want to see even more? If you missed what I have created in South Africa in 2016, click here.

The Comfort of a Couch (Fun Art)

Finally I can move my work space out of our living room and into the new renovated garage / studio space.

Suddenly we have space in the living room and are now looking for a nice couch which can double up as a guest bed. Ideally a couch needs to look good, be practical and it definitely needs to be ultra comfortable…

This morning when I started working and was looking for some images, I came across a spontaneous and fun ‘preformed photography action’* I did some time ago in a holiday flat, and decided to turn the photographs into a GIF (moving image).

Couch Testing by Imke Rust

Couch Testing by Imke Rust

Wishing you all a wonderful and comfortable day!

* Sometimes it is difficult to perfectly describe my art. I hope this term comes close, but am not sure. Often I do a performance kind of work, but without an audience. I document it through photographs or video. Yet the action is the central part and the photography just a way to share it with you. So it is neither pure photography, nor a performance in its original definition.

Lucky Free Workshop Recipients

kadinskyquoteI am very happy to announce that we have two winners who will receive the 21 Secrets Color! Color! Color! Workshop package.

I made a list of all the old subscribers (who wanted to participate) and new subscribers. This morning I was happy to have Patrick Tagoe-Turkson, an artist from Ghana who currently is on the Global Nomadic Art Project with me in South Africa, to name me two lucky numbers, so that I have a totally impartial selection.

So, without further ado I can now announce the lucky two people who will hopefully soon spend their time emerged in colour and creativity and learning lots of new information and techniques.

The winners are Number 6 and 9, which translates to:


Renate N. and Jackie B.

Congrats, I hope you will enjoy your workshop!

For everybody else, I am so sorry that you did not get the free workshop package, but you can still buy it by clicking on the 21 Secrets Image on the right-hand side column of this blog, or click here.

(The winners have been notified per email.)

Click on image to find out more or buy the workshop.

Click on image to find out more or buy the workshop.

Becoming a Creative Nomad and Rainmaker

I am busy packing. Nervous and excited. In a few days I will be leaving to South Africa, where I am taking part in the

Global Nomadic Art Project 2016
‘Stories of Rain’

Calling the Rainbird by Imke Rust,  Mixed Media on paper, 62x87cm

Calling the Rainbird by Imke Rust, Mixed Media on paper, 62x87cm

I am so thrilled to be invited to participate alongside so many other wonderful artists from all over the world and South Africa.

This project is especially close to my heart, as it will give me the opportunity to further my creative rainmaking research and projects, share with and learn from very interesting fellow artists and do all this very close to home. I have so many ideas and researched material, which I want to explore further and put to use now.

Typed Rain (on photograph) by Imke Rust

Typed Rain (on photograph) by Imke Rust

As soon as I can, I will share a blog post about my experience for all you lovely people who follow me on here! I also plan to post regular pictures and updates on Instagram (This is like an instant photoalbum and I just love it. Bonus: you do not need to have an account to see my page) and Facebook (for shorter, more regular posts and pictures). You can also see previews of both these pages in the right-hand column >> .

So, if you are curious, you are welcome to follow my adventures there too. We will not have regular internet connection, but when we do, I hope to share impressions and updates.

Here is some more information about the event compiled by the organizers:

Stories of Rain - Map

Stories of Rain – Map

#GNAP2016 #StoriesOfRain #SouthAfrica

Stories of Rain will trace the legacy of the first nomadic peoples, creating temporary nature art in response to the varied landscapes and the World Heritage Rock Art of South Africa.

In this time of palpable climate change, we find ourselves at the cusp of profound natural and cultural transformation. The dual disciplines of creative imagination and mediated thinking practiced by artists will be extremely valuable in this transition. The Global Nomadic Art Project offers local artists the opportunity to influence contemporary cultural attitudes towards nature and to explore possibilities for understanding in an increasingly fractured paradigm.

Site_Specific Land Art Collective will invite 8 International artists to join several custom made Nature Art tours of South Africa as part of the Global Nomadic Art Project initiated by YATOO Nature Art Association of Korea. The visiting artists will travel along different routes in small groups – meeting and staying with local participating artists along the way.

To find out more and also read up on my fellow artists who will be part of this event, please visit the official page:
Webpage: SiteSpecific South Africa GNAP

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Stories of Rain - South Africa

Stories of Rain – South Africa

The Rainmakeress (Imke Rust) Acrylic and graphite on paper 105x130cm

The Rainmakeress (Imke Rust)
Acrylic and graphite on paper