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Offene Ateliers 7. & 8. Mai

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„Die Welt ist bunt. Manchmal schön. Immer aufregend!“

Ich weiß nicht mehr wo ich das gelesen habe oder von wem es ist, aber seit dem ist es zu einer Art Motto in meinem Leben geworden. Und ich finde es passt auch zu meiner Kunst.

Am 7. & 8.Mai  (11- 18 Uhr) könnt ihr euch selbst davon überzeugen. Denn auch in diesem Jahr öffne ich mein Atelier zu den Tagen des offenen Ateliers in Brandenburg.

Wolltest du immer schon mal Kunst von mir besitzen? Oder frische Impulse an deinen leeren Wänden haben? Ein außergewöhnliches Geschenk für einen lieben Menschen? Oder, vielleicht willst du dein erspartes Geld in schöne und aufregende Kunst investieren, bevor es an Wert verliert? Dann ist jetzt die ideale Gelegenheit!

Es gibt tausend gute Gründe Kunst zu kaufen…

Noch einer ist mir zu helfen, Platz zu schaffen für neue, aufregende Arbeiten die gerne entstehen wollen.
Denn mein Atelier platzt aus seinen Nähten und ich würde gerne Platz für Neues schaffen… Gerade in den letzten „Corona Jahren“ sind viele neue Arbeiten entstanden, dafür gab es aber wenig Möglichkeit sie auszustellen oder zu verkaufen.

Außerdem: Während überall die Preise steigen, sind meine immer noch die Gleichen. Da ich wirklich gerne Platz schaffen will, biete ich viele der älteren und größeren Arbeiten sogar noch billiger an.  

Es gibt Arbeiten auf Leinwand oder Papier, von ganz klein bis groß (100x100cm – so das es immer noch bequem mitgenommen werden kann) – alles unter 1000 Euro.

Aber natürlich darfst du auch gerne die Gelegenheit nutzen, einfach so mal wieder vorbei zu kommen – zu gucken, fragen, quatschen und austauschen.

Ich freue mich auf deinen Besuch!

Birkenstr. 11, 16515 Oranienburg O/T Neu_Friedrichsthal

Robinson… Mixed-media on found book cover.


“The world is colourful. Sometimes beautiful. Always exciting!”

I don’t remember where I read this or who wrote it, but since then it has become something of a motto in my life. And I think it also fits my art.

On 7 & 8 May (11 – 18h00) you can see for yourself. Because this year I’m opening my studio again for the open studio days in Brandenburg.

Have you always wanted to own art from me? Or have fresh impulses on your empty walls? An extraordinary gift for a loved one? Or, maybe you want to invest your saved money in beautiful and exciting art before it loses value? Now is the ideal opportunity!

There are a thousand good reasons to buy art….

One more is to help me make room for new, exciting work that is eager to be created.
Because my studio is bursting at the seams and I would like to make room for something new… Especially in the last two “Corona years”, many new works were created, but there was little opportunity to exhibit or sell them.

Besides, while prices are rising everywhere, mine are still the same. Since I really want to make room, I offer many of the older and larger works even cheaper.  

There are works on canvas or paper, from very small to large (100x100cm – so it can still be taken along comfortably) – everything under 1000 Euros.

But of course you are also welcome to just drop by – to have a look, ask questions, chat and exchange ideas.

I look forward to your visit!
Birkenstr. 11, 16515 Oranienburg O/T Neu_Friedrichsthal

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Open Studio / Offene Ateliers Brandenburg 2017

(Scroll down for English) Zu den Tagen des Offenen Ateliers Brandenburg 2017 (6 & 7Mai) werde ich auch die Türen zu meinem Atelier öffnen und lade euch herzlich ein vorbei zu kommen.

Für zwei Tage bin ich ganz für meine Gäste da. Ihr könnt durch meine Arbeit stöbern und sehen wie und wo ich arbeite. Ich freue mich auch auf interessanten und geselligen Austausch und Gespräche. Am Samstag gibt es außerdem noch eine Vorführung von dem Film ‚An Infinite Scream’ über mein Land Art Projekt in Namibia.

Die Tage des Offenen Ateliers sind eine spannende Initiative wo hunderte Künstler in Brandenburg ihre Ateliers öffnen. So kann man sich in diesen Tagen mehrere Ateliers in einer Gegend ansehen. Um einen spanenden Ausflug zu planen, könnt ihr in dieser Broschüre Offene Ateliers 2017 Brandenburg sehen, welche anderen Künstler in der Gegend mitmachen. (Oranienburg ist auf Seiten 56-58 zu finden.)

Ich freue mich auf euern Besuch!

Diese Einladung darf gerne geteilt werden.

Offene Ateliers Brandenburg 2017 Imke Rust

Offene Ateliers Brandenburg 2017 Imke Rust

Atelier Imke Rust
Malerei, Zeichnung, Land Art, Multimedia

Adresse: Birkenstraße 11, O/T Neu-Friedrichsthal, 16515 Oranienburg
Tel 03301-5775385

11-18  Uhr am Sa und So, den 6. und 7. Mai

Samstag, 6. Mai, 17h30: Dokumentarfilm über Imke Rusts Land Art Projekt ‘An Infinite Scream’ in Namibia (Deutsch, 45min)

I am participating in the 2017 Open Studio Days Brandenburg (6 & 7 May) and you are invited!

For two days I am opening the doors to my studio to the public, so that you can get see where and how I am working, browse through my artworks and enjoy a chat with me. On Saturday evening we will also screen the documentary film ‘An Infinite Scream’ about my Land Art project in Namibia.

The Open Studio Days are a great initiative where hundred of artists in Brandenburg are opening their studios and you can plan an excursion for the day, visiting several different artists in the area. Have a look at who else is opening their studios in our area to plan your day in this brochure Offene Ateliers 2017 Brandenburg (Page 56-58 shows the artists in Oranienburg).

I am looking forward to welcoming you in my studio!

Please feel free to share this invitation.

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An Artist’s Life

Many exciting new things are happening in my life and I did not have much time to write for my blog. Today I thought of sharing a few pictures from my life with you, to give you an impression of what has been happening. That is, the fun stuff, which happened between all the admin work that took up most of my time.

First, as it is becoming warmer, I decided to prepare one of the outside rooms as a temporary summer studio, so that I can paint again on bigger canvasses, be messy and not mind paint splatter on the floor and allow space for offering workshops.

Those who have followed me for a while, know that I moved to a small village close to the forest, with a garden and an outbuilding and garage, which we want to turn into a wonderful, light and spacious studio. Unfortunately we discovered that we first need to get a new roof, as the old one is leaking beyond repair. So it may take a while, for our/my dream to come true. But the temporary studio will work fine for the warmer months for a while.

I have also been lucky to have received a second-hand drawing cabinet and large drawing table as a gift, which I am so grateful for.

Studio pics:

(Click on the images to see them in full.)

Yes, there was also time for making art. And I have noticed something odd happening in my life, kind of like a deja vu, just different. Similar kind of circumstances, situations or images appearing two or three times in a short period, without any relations between them. Only that I see them connected because they are so similar and unique in a way. I am feeling, wow, I just saw the exact same situation in a different way yesterday. I guess this means something, just not sure what. Let me explain it with an example concerning my art.

Recently I saw an image on the Internet of an adult woman sitting on a small children’s rocking horse. I liked it for its weirdness, and saved it as inspiration to draw from later. During the open studio event, I met the wood-carving artist Bodo Henke. One of his small sculptures was really adorable, so I decided to buy it – a horse with a rider, who is much too large for the horse…

When I came home, I realised the similarity to the image I had found in the internet. So I decided to actually start drawing my version of the lady on her rocking-horse. To me my painting looked more like a horse on a carousel. I decided to add white stripes and turn the horse into a Zebra, to express my connection to Africa and it just looked more exciting.

Yesterday, at the harbour festival, I saw an exquisite, antique, mini carousel for children. To my amazement, the riding figures on it actually were Zebras!

(Click on the images to see them in full.)


In between admin and other work, I also really take great pleasure in experiencing the spring for the first time in our own garden. I love to watch all the sprouting and blooming, and revel in the shapes and colours. Here are some impressions:

(Click on the images to see them in full.)


With the spring weather and more sun, I have also felt much more like getting out and do things. We have been to visit several artists in the region during an open studio day, watched the aeroplanes land and take-off from the side of a highway during sun-downers (a Namibian habit of celebrating the sun going down with a drink and good company) and briefly visited the harbour festival in Oranienburg. Here are some pics:

I wish you an awesome, happy and creative week ahead!

PS. if you missed my previous post, please have a look for the exciting announcements of our up-coming film debut in Berlin.



Finally a new blog…and virtual tour of my studio

My apologies for letting you wait so long, but the good news is, that the less I write blogs the more time I am spending creating new art… AND this time I have a very special treat for you, read on to find out what it is.

I have been working a lot, but also had some (more social) fun, when I finally held a studio-warming party last weekend – just in time, before the colder winter days are creeping up on me. Many of my new and old friends from Berlin came and were treated to some good food, wine and beer and a selection of my old and new work. And I was so happy that so many of you came to share this with me!

I was especially excited, because one of my absolute favorite artist, Max Neumann and his lovely partner Sonja Kopp, also braved the distance into the deepest Pankow to join the small party. Wow, his art inspires me so much, so I felt honored that my humble studio already has been visited by such a great artist.

The evening was relaxed and so much fun, that I unfortunately totally forgot to take pictures to share with you. But, our good friend Reinhard Schubert (King Panorama), has kindly created an amazing 360º Cubic Panorama of my studio and has shared this with us on the net.  So you can take a leisurely, virtual stroll through my little studio, with some old, some new and some unfinished works, the buffet still almost untouched and before it got too crowded. Use your mouse or the arrows to turn left or right, and zoom in or out. Thank you, Reinhard!

Welcome to my studio! Click here to step inside…

Imke Berlin Studio Pano

A still view of my Berlin studio (c) Reinhard Schubert