The Comfort of a Couch (Fun Art)

Finally I can move my work space out of our living room and into the new renovated garage / studio space.

Suddenly we have space in the living room and are now looking for a nice couch which can double up as a guest bed. Ideally a couch needs to look good, be practical and it definitely needs to be ultra comfortable…

This morning when I started working and was looking for some images, I came across a spontaneous and fun ‘preformed photography action’* I did some time ago in a holiday flat, and decided to turn the photographs into a GIF (moving image).

Couch Testing by Imke Rust

Couch Testing by Imke Rust

Wishing you all a wonderful and comfortable day!

* Sometimes it is difficult to perfectly describe my art. I hope this term comes close, but am not sure. Often I do a performance kind of work, but without an audience. I document it through photographs or video. Yet the action is the central part and the photography just a way to share it with you. So it is neither pure photography, nor a performance in its original definition.

4 thoughts on “The Comfort of a Couch (Fun Art)

  1. Janet Botes

    I absolutely, completely and utterly love this! And sometimes it’s not necessary to add a medium/description. Although it does become a challenge when you need to decide where to add it in your portfolio/website gallery! Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in your new studio!!!

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Awww, as usual it makes me so happy to hear your comments and that you love this! And you are so right, I also often wonder if we do need the lables, but then often things like this totally fall off the grid, because they are not ‘placed in a box’… It would be awesome, if one day you can come and visit me in my new studio and the forest and we create together!!! 🙂


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