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I don’t jog…

I dont jog

My Kitchen. Photograph by Jutta Dobler, artwork (Stencil on aluminium) by ImkeRust)

I don’t jog…

Ok, the secret is out. See. Now you know it. And also the reason why…

And if you are curious to get some more visual insights into my artist’s life  read on and make sure you get to see the rest of the photos.

After being presented the “Liebster Blog” award by fellow blogger Jutta Dobler from the amazing “Organized Living Solutions” blog we decided to meet up again for a coffee (and some of the birthday cake my mom baked me. Honestly, she makes the most delicious Quark Stollen – a German Christmas cake – and because I love it so much, she bakes me an extra big one for my birthday every year, too…) Jutta, who is a photographer by profession, brought along her camera and snapped away in and around my house, which is also from where I work, when I am in Windhoek.

Last year I have shared with you an incredible 360degree view of my Berlin Studio, done by Reinhard Schubert of King Panorama, and now you can see some amazing photographs of selected details of my Windhoek studio and home by Jutta Dobler on her blog. You might also just want to browse around the rest of her blog, as it is a beautiful, lighthearted and fun blog, filled with easy DIY creative ideas, delicious recipes and beautiful photographs.

Welcome to my world. Go ahead and take a look. Just click here.


Photograph by Jutta Dobler, artwork 'Feet' (Etching) by Imke Rust

Creative Time

In the last weeks I have painted and sketched, played and observed, dreamed and created, and steadily I have filled my mind with so many new images and my small studio with numerous new artworks. I feel so blessed to be able to follow my dreams. I feel grateful for having a space to create and for finally coming to a stage in my life where I can focus on my own art again and it is a wonderful experience. There is nothing as exciting and invigorating as being in the flow of creativity.

This is also the reason that I have not updated my blog as regularly as I have hoped to… I hope you understand and forgive me, especially when you see all the new artworks that I have created. Unfortunately I cannot share them before the exhibition in April 2012 – a real test in patience for me.

Well, it is almost Christmas and the end of the year. It has been a busy and productive and very creative year for me, with many big and small transformations. I look back with happiness and gratitude and would like to thank everybody who has helped me along the way, who has supported me, who has cared and who has read my blogs and posted comments. Your encouragement and interest means a lot to me and keeps me going.

If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a merry and blessed festive time, free of the mad consumerism that has taken us and the event hostage. And for everybody else a happy and peaceful last few days of the year.

Here I have a special little creature to accompany you through the end-of-year madness.

Ink, marker & watercolour on paper, 29x 21cm (c) Imke Rust

Ink, marker & watercolour on paper, 29x 21cm (c) Imke Rust


Group exhibition and Open Studio Days in Berlin

Untitled (Rind)

Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas, 50x40cm

Dear friends, (Deutsche Version unten)

If you are in Berlin at the end of November, you have two opportunities to see (and buy 😉 ) my art. This will be the last chance for a while to see my art publicly in Berlin, as I will soon go home to Namibia for a few months at the beginning of 2012.

Firstly I would like to invite you to come to the Group exhibition “Jahresendausstellung” in the Grafik Galerie Neumann on the 25th of November at 17h00 (Rigaer Str 62).

Secondly I will open the doors of my studio to the public during the Open Studio Days in Pankow, so you are welcome to visit me in my studio, see my latest works and have a chat about art and life with me.

Open Studio Days:

Saturday, 26th of November, 13h00 – 20h00

Sunday, 27th of November, 13h00 – 18h00


Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152
Raum 522 (5ter Stock)
Busstop: Treskowstrasse Bus 255
There is plenty of parking spaces directly in front of the building, for those coming with their cars.

A visit to the studio days will pay off twice, as in addition to my humble studio and art, many more artists in the building are participating and opening their studio doors to the public. So plan to come with some time.

I am looking forward to your visit and support!


Liebe Freunde und Bekannte,

Demnaechst gibt es nochmal zwei Moeglichkeiten meine Kunst in Berlin zu sehen (und natuerlich auch zu erwerben 😉 ) und es wird vorerst das letzte Mal sein bevor ich dann im Januar wieder fuer 3 Monate nach Namibia gehe:

1. Gerne moechte ich euch zu der Eroeffnung der Gruppenausstellung “Jahresendausstellung” in der Grafik Galerie Neumann, am Freitag den 25sten November 2011 um 17h00 (Rigaer Str 62) einladen, in der unter anderen auch meine Werke ausgestellt sind.

2. Zuesaetzlich gibt es auch noch die Moeglichkeit, waehrend der Tage des offenen Ateliers in Pankow, mich in meinem Atelier zu besuchen, einen kleinen Einblick in meine aktuellen Arbeiten zu bekommen und natuerlich auch ganz in Ruhe Gespraeche ueber die Kunst und das Leben zu fuehren.

Offenes Atelier:

Samstag, 26 November, von 13h00 bis 20h00

Sonntag, 27 November 13h00 bis 18h00


Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152
Raum 522 (5ter Stock)
Bushaltestelle: Treskowstrasse Bus 255
Vor dem Haus gibt es viele Parkplaetze, fuer diejenigen die mit dem Auto kommen.

Der Besuch im Atelier (und zum Teil die weite Anfahrt) lohnt sich gleich doppelt, da viele andere Kuenstler im Hause auch ihre Tueren fuer die Besucher oeffnen und ihr also neben meiner Kunst und mir, gleich noch viele andere, interessante Kunst sehen koennt.

Ich freue mich, wenn ihr zu einem oder sogar beiden der Gelegenheiten kommen koennt!

Ich freue mich auf euren Besuch und Unterstuetzung!

Ausstellung der Graphothek Berlin

This article was taken from the following webpage:


For all of you who do not understand German: My works are currently being exhibited in group exhibition of the Graphothek Berlin until the 21st of October 2011. If you are in Berlin, come and view this exhibition!

Ausstellung der Graphothek Berlin

Neu in der Graphothek – eine Auswahl neuer Grafik und Fotografie

Ausstellungsdauer: 16.09. – 21.10. 2011

Candy Girl Triptych by Imke Rust

Candy Girl Triptych by Imke Rust

In der diesjährigen Herbstausstellung der Rathausgalerie Reinickendorf präsentiert die Graphothek Berlin ab dem 17. September 2011 eine Auswahl von rund 50 bisher nicht gezeigten Neuankäufen der letzten Jahre.

Die Ausstellung zeigt Arbeiten junger Berliner Künstlerinnen und Künstler, unter anderem Florencia Almiròn und Hanna Hennenkemper. Ihre Arbeiten waren bereits 2009 und 2010 in Einzelausstelllungen der Reihe „Junge Kunst“ des Kunstamts Reinickendorf in der Galerie „Atelier Oellermann“ zu sehen. Die argentinische Künstlerin Florencia Almiròn (*1982) kam 2008 mit einem DAAD-Stipendium nach Berlin. Ihre meist in sehr kräftigen Farben gehaltenen Objekte und Grafiken stellte sie in den letzten Jahren in zahlreichen Ausstellungen in Berlin und Buenos Aires aus. Ebenso in kräftigen Farben leuchten die Arbeiten von Hanna Hennenkemper (*1974). Ihre Radierungen, von denen drei Arbeiten in der Ausstellung zu sehen sind, bestechen durch eine präzise und sensible Spannung, die die Künstlerin erzeugt, indem sie 16 Druckplatten übereinander druckt. Hennenkemper ist Gastprofessorin an der Kunsthochschule Weißensee.

Das Künstlerduo Astrid Albers (*1955) und Jürgen Sage (*1952) malt gleichberechtigt gemeinsam abstrakte Bilder, von denen zwei in der Ausstellung vertreten sind. Auch die drei Siebdrucke von Gisela Genthner (*1945) sind abstrakt. Die Malerei Genthners bewegt sich im abstrakten Bereich von gespachtelten Farbverläufen bis hin zu gestischen Serien.

Von Eberhardt Franke (1936-2004) sind mehrere Radierungen zu sehen, auf denen er in den 1970er und 1980er Jahren Westberliner Szenen in Kaffeehäusern, Galerien, Kneipen und im Stadtraum eingefangen hat. Der 1944 in Tabris, Aserbaidschan geborene Künstler Akbar Behkalam ist mit zwei Radierungen seiner bekannten Persepolis-Serie vertreten. Von dem renommierten Künstler Horst Janssen konnte die Graphothek drei Lithographien mit Portraits bekannter Schriftsteller wie Marcel Proust, E.T.A. Hoffmann und Franz Kafka erwerben.

Des Weiteren werden in der Ausstellung Arbeiten von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern wie Albert Markert, Anita Stand, Helmut Gutbrod, Eberhardt Franke, Götz Loepelmann, Imke Rust, Frank K. Richter oder Jochen Stenschke gezeigt. Die künstlerischen Techniken der ausgewählten Arbeiten reichen von der reinen Druckgraphik, wie Radierung und Lithographie, über Zeichnung bis hin zur Gouache, Öl- und Temperamalerei und zur Fotografie.

Alle ausgestellten Bilder gehören zum ausleihbaren Bestand der Graphothek Berlin.

Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf

Eichborndamm 215-239
13437 Berlin
Tel.: 030 – 404 40 62 (Vermittlung des Kunstamtes)
Tel.: 030 – 40 00 92 71 (Leiterin des Kunstamtes)

Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00 Uhr

Leiterin des Kunstamtes:
Dr. Cornelia Gerner, Tel.: 030 – 40 00 92 71
E-Mail: info@kunstamt-reinickendorf.de

In search of elves and fairies and green, green grass


Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart - Yellow flowers and moss on a rock

As a Namibian desert girl I recently had an interesting and exciting time in the very green and lush mountains of South Tyrol. All the dense vegetation was amazing, the little mountain creeks with their clear water fascinating and I especially fell in love with the soft moss growing everywhere. I was reminded of childhood stories of dwarfs, fairies and elves living in the forests and sleeping on beds of moss, carrying sweet forest berries as decoration and giggling under red and white mushrooms… as a child I did not know these things and wonderful places and my imagination ran wild. Now I walked through such magical forests in awe and wonder like a little child, eating some forest strawberries and making some art. I did not see any elves or red-capped dwarfs, but still I had lots of fun with the invisible spirits of nature and art.

Ok, I do not want to bore you with long stories, but rather just share some pictures of my small interventions in nature. So, here they are:

Location: Oberperflhof, approximately 1,500m above sea level, close to Katharinaberg / Monte Santa Caterina –  in the Schnalsvalley (Val Senales), Italy.

Date: July 2011

Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart (close) - Yellow flowers and moss on a rock


Green Sprial

8m garland woven of small cedar branches


Sprial on stone wall (8m garland woven of small cedar branches)

Sprial on stone wall (8m garland woven of small cedar branches)



Rock, branch & grass


Row of leaves

Light, leave tips and wood

Berlin Stages

line of leaves IRust

Lline of Leaves by Imke Rust, Bochum

Golden Leaves by Imke Rust

Golden Leaves by Imke Rust, Bochum

This week a handful of guests from all over Europe are discovering Berlin as part of a film workshop entitled “Berlin Stages” funded by the EU and organized by Frameworks e.V.. The invited guests have a chance to experience an artistic Berlin with a HD film camera, as they will be meeting and filming Berlin artists and are getting some hands-on opportunity to create their own art together with these artists. I am one of the artists that they will be visiting (tomorrow) and we will be doing land art in the Lankwitz Community Park (my current studio till I can move into a ‘real’ studio with a roof in middle of July hopefully). I am looking forward to an exciting and fun day in the park tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed for good and dry weather. If you are in the area, come by and share in the fun!

The results of their workshop will be shown on Thursday, the 7th of July at 20h00 at the Holiday Inn City East. Everybody is cordially invited. Hope to see you there!

More info about the project can be found below (unfortunately only in German) or on www.frameworks-berlin.de

Mit „Berlin Stages“ ist dem Berliner Verein FRAMEWORKS e. V. gelungen, aus einem der begehrten EU-Fördertöpfe Geld zu werben, um Gäste zu einem Film-Workshop nach Berlin einzuladen. „Das bunte Programm und die Chance Berlin aus der künstlerischen Perspektive zu erleben hat die Teilnehmer von vorneherein beeindruckt“, weiß Thomas Nagel, 1. Vorsitzender von FRAMEWORKS e.V.. Der Verein hat sich die Themenschwerpunkte Kultur und Bildung auf die Fahne geschrieben, und so können die 14 Gäste aus Europa Anfang Juli filmend in die Kunstszene der Stadt eintauchen. Landart, Pulp-Painting, Tonstudio und Museumsbesuch stehen ebenso auf dem Programm wie Improtheater und Modenschau. „Das Projektmanagement von der Konzeption bis zur Durchführung eines solchen Workshops ist eine Klasse für sich“, lacht der 1. Vorsitzende. „Wir freuen uns mit unseren Gästen über die individuellen Erfolge und Entdeckungen“, so Nagel.

Am Donnerstag, den 7.Juli.11, zeigen die Teilnehmenden ab 20 Uhr im Foyer des Hotels Holiday Inn City East für einen Abend, was sie im Rahmen des fünftägigen Workshops in Begleitung von Berliner Künstlern und Kulturschaffenden erarbeitet haben. FRAMEWORKS e. V. und seine Gäste laden zum Austausch ein. Zu den Spielregeln von EU-finanzierten Grundtvig-Workshops gehört, dass die Teilnehmenden 18 Jahre oder älter sind und für den Workshop ihrer Wahl mindestens eine europäisches Grenze überwinden. Alle drei Jahre können Erwachsene unabhängig von ihren persönlichen Budgets so auf den Spuren des dänischen Erfinders der Volkshochschule Grundtvig reisen und im Austausch mit anderen Europäern ein Themengebiet ergründen. Die Reise-, Unterbringungs- und Workshopkosten werden voll finanziert. 2012 werden europaweit Workshops rund um den Erhalt von Gesundheit angeboten. Infos:www.frameworks-berlin.de

Für Rückfragen:  Workshop-Hotline: 030/67922763

Thomas Nagel, 1. Vorsitzender FRAMEWORKS e. V. (mobil: 0151/22832281)   Renate Nuppenau, 2. Vorsitzende FRAMEWORKS e. V. (mobil: 0177/8076693)

The shoes you wear… and how they are connected to my art

The shoes you wear… and how they are connected to my art

Many years ago, back in my early student years, I had this really fun idea. Some found it a bit morbid, while others gave me worried looks… but I am used to that.

For some reason, I cannot remember exactly why, I chose to use shoes as my subject matter. Shoes as packaging of the human foot…. and packaging which eventually shapes its’ contents. Not being the biggest fan of high heeled shoes, I developed the idea of the high heeled shoe eventually shaping the foot, very similar to the old Chinese tradition of keeping women’s feet small and childlike, through tortuous means. (Ok, now I remember the reason…)

So this is how I imagined your foot would look like if you would continuously wear the common high heel shoe:

Sketch of horse-shaped foot

Sketch of horse-shaped foot by Imke Rust (c)

Different stages as documented in my sketchbook, eventually turning into a kind of horse-like hoof. (Mind you, horses are very elegant, so maybe nothing wrong with women striving to have feet like them?)

I even worked the idea into a life-size clay-sculpture (one of my first objects done in clay) based on one of the imaginary middle stages of the deformed foot:

Clay Foot side view (IRust)Clay Foot front view (IRust)

And now the reason why I dug up these old sketches and the sculpture for you and why I am writing about it in my blog today: Recently I found this in the newspaper:

The Namibian 18March11

found in The Namibian 18 March 2011

I always like it, if I find that somebody’s thoughts, somewhere in the world, are similar to mine. Isn’t it amazing? And often with a tiny little envy I wonder why their thoughts make it to the newspapers, great art shows or into designer shops with huge price tags, and mine don’t….?

And I know the answer: because my sketches stay safely tucked away in my piles of sketch books, my sculptures are catching dust on my windowsill and my personal confidence still needs a lot of nudging and pampering and support before I can truly believe in myself and take my ideas and art work to the next level. And I also know: the idea was cool, but far away from resolved, my sketches were fun, but not great and my sculpture was a beginner’s object, which got damaged before it could ever be shown… fortunately I have come a long way since that horse foot idea.

Besides: the designer horse shoe idea is cool – but honestly: have you ever seen somebody walking around in those? Or are you secretly wishing you could afford such silly designer hooves yourself? Or know anybody who does? Naaah – me neither, but I know quite a few wonderful people, wearing comfy, good-looking shoes, who have my art on their walls or at least know somebody who does. And hey – you are reading my blog and not theirs! Da! ;o)

Thank you for your support of my art and ideas! And if you enjoyed this post or if you like my art or ideas, please subscribe to my blog and please recommend it to your friends. It would make my day!

Art in the Park (Berlin)

Gemeindepark 7June11

Summer has arrived in Berlin, with lovely warmth and sunshine. So it is the ideal time to get out and make some art outside. As i still do not have a studio, working outside is another great way of being creative.

There is a small community park just around the corner from where we live, so while the others played Badminton I kept myself busy with this…

For a change, not so much text and rather more pictures. Enjoy!

Untitled land art intervention by Imke Rust.

(Gemeindepark Lankwitz, Berlin, 7 June 2011)

And sometimes they tell me their names…

head in clouds

And sometimes they tell me their names…

There is something begging me

To give it a life.

A face.

A form.

Something it can relate to

So that it becomes part of our human world.

Again and again they urge me.


I know they need me.

I hear them calling, begging….

But often I am too busy with less important stuff.

Or too scared, doubting if I can do them justice,

Too scared of trusting the process….


But when I allow myself to follow their calling

Opening myself up to their wishes

Having enough faith to just get going

Having enough peace to listen to their soft voices

Speaking in no language known

Trusting what I do not understand

And following even the faintest notion,

Then they guide me softly, intensely

Telling me about the exact way

In which they would like to be made manifest.


I follow their instructions as best I can.

Sometimes we are finished after a few exciting moments

Sometimes they keep me waiting forever before each new step

Occasionally it seems so simple, so obvious

At other times it is a long struggle

But in the end we always agree.


Now they have a chance to meet you

Talk to you

If you care

To listen to their soft humming.


In a deep inner dialogue

I am standing in front of them.

Amazed and intrigued.

Grateful that I could help them to come to life in our reality

Giving them a shape to be recognized by

Or a line, a colour, a texture…

However much or little they need.


I am humbled to be their midwife.

Mystified actually.

Although they tell me many of their secrets

I still cannot grasp them,

Or fully understand their complexity…

Yet they are part of me.


They tell me all I need to know

and sometimes they tell me their names…


(c)Imke Rust

(Thoughts on how my artworks come into existence)

Suits Make Men


Portrait of a Dog



In his fearless quest to protect my brother and father on the farmstead, Bolle, the dog pictured above, has killed several snakes during his life. Unfortunately during his last fight with a vicious black mamba, he got bitten so badly, that unlike previous times, he did not survive the venom and died in September 2010. The loss of the dog was a very sad event for my brother, as he has raised Bolle from being a tiny puppy and the two were inseparable.

For my brother’s birthday this year, I have painted this portrait of Bolle from a photograph which I had taken some time ago. Through the artwork, at least the memory of this special dog can live on in a “physical” form.

Although I have painted many dogs, it was a personal challenge to paint the portrait of Bolle. This was not just any dog and it was meant as a gift to my brother – so it had to really look like him and hopefully also somehow catch his spirit and nature. I am happy, that somehow, while I painted, the trusted magic has happened once again and my brother was overjoyed with his gift. The painting was done on an aluminium printing sheet, which was used to print newspapers – that explains the text which shimmers through the background ;o)

My brother with his painting

My brother with his painting

Many people know me as “the artist who has painted the red dogs”, due to my firstpublic success with winning the Standard Bank Namibia Biennale with the “Bitumen Dogs” in 2001. I have often worked with images of dogs, usually as a metaphor for different human relationships, most notably for my “Power & Politics” series. I like painting and drawing dogs, they have interesting and versatile forms and shapes. And yes, I love dogs, but not more than other animals. And no, I do not have a dog myself. I am more a cat person. (Click on the links above if you like to view more dog artworks.)