I don’t jog…

I dont jog

My Kitchen. Photograph by Jutta Dobler, artwork (Stencil on aluminium) by ImkeRust)

I don’t jog…

Ok, the secret is out. See. Now you know it. And also the reason why…

And if you are curious to get some more visual insights into my artist’s life  read on and make sure you get to see the rest of the photos.

After being presented the “Liebster Blog” award by fellow blogger Jutta Dobler from the amazing “Organized Living Solutions” blog we decided to meet up again for a coffee (and some of the birthday cake my mom baked me. Honestly, she makes the most delicious Quark Stollen – a German Christmas cake – and because I love it so much, she bakes me an extra big one for my birthday every year, too…) Jutta, who is a photographer by profession, brought along her camera and snapped away in and around my house, which is also from where I work, when I am in Windhoek.

Last year I have shared with you an incredible 360degree view of my Berlin Studio, done by Reinhard Schubert of King Panorama, and now you can see some amazing photographs of selected details of my Windhoek studio and home by Jutta Dobler on her blog. You might also just want to browse around the rest of her blog, as it is a beautiful, lighthearted and fun blog, filled with easy DIY creative ideas, delicious recipes and beautiful photographs.

Welcome to my world. Go ahead and take a look. Just click here.


Photograph by Jutta Dobler, artwork 'Feet' (Etching) by Imke Rust

5 thoughts on “I don’t jog…

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Wow, did not know you speak German too? Would love to try the Stollen your brother bakes 😉 Danke, ich werde der Photographin die Komplimente weiterleiten.

      1. Indigo Spider

        Parent’s came from Germany in 1957, used to speak it in the house all the time and visited Germany every year to visit relatives. Sadly, I’ve lost much of it as I got older.

        I enjoyed the photographers blog as well 🙂


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