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Post 101

When I pressed ‚publish’ on my previous post, I got a note from WordPress – where my blog is hosted – telling me that it was the

*** 100st blog post***

I have written.

Wooohhhooo! I almost cannot believe it!

I must say, I enjoy writing for this blog so much! I only post when I feel I have something to share and not by a set preset schedule forcing me to post at a regular interval. So every post is written with love and joy, and I am excited about sharing it every single time, otherwise I would not post it. And yes, there are a few texts which I have written, but not posted. I was not totally happy with them, so they either were deleted, or saved to a special folder for possible later corrective surgery if there were elements in it which I liked or felt are important.

I am so grateful for all my wonderful blog followers who keep coming back, reading and commenting or liking what I write and share. If it were not for you, it would be no fun and would make no sense to keep writing and posting.

So here is a big roaring

Tiger Thank you

Thank you!

to you all!!!!

Thank you for being a witness to my art, my ideas and my life. It means so much to me!

You probably did not expect another blog post so soon, since I told you last that I will be moving and busy. I just felt the fact that I have just posted my 100th blog, needs some celebration and I might just forget till the next time I can post again… So I have written this post earlier and could schedule it to post today. (WordPress is kind of cool with such things.)

Here is to celebrating 101 posts!

Here is to celebrating 101 posts!

Sometimes I enjoy putting on my panther ears and some facepaint, and for this celebration it seemed perfect.

And while sharing my little private celebration picture with you, I thought of sharing some more interesting information about me, which you might not know.  I am working on another business idea and have been setting up a webpage for it. As I find the ‘About’ pages of artists and people often so boring I wanted to come up with something different for that page.

I will not tell you about the business at this stage, as I hope to do a proper launch soon, but I will share with you the one page which is introducing me. It is called: I am.


I am

I am Imke Rust – the artist and creator of your personal Intuitive Art Elixir.

And, YES I am also

  • a rainmaker in training
  • an artist in love with ideas and concepts
  • inspired by possibility and wonder
  • intuitive, creative and solution orientated
  • a romantic spirit in awe of the mystical and spiritual dimension of life
  • as well as a practical realist and sceptic with an eye for detail
  • sometimes a little bit goofy

I believe in

  • the power of gratitude
  • the goodness and beauty of this world
  • magic, miracles, totems and spirits
  • the creative process as a healing and transformational force
  • efficiency and practicality
  • being responsible for my own happiness
  • … and chocolate when all else fails.

I love

  • my husband and my family
  • darker shades of pink, like fuchsia and magenta
  • the Namib desert
  • being creative and daydreaming
  • uncovering deeper and alternative layers of wisdom, connections and patterns
  • inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with friends
  • researching and musing over the connections between different believe systems, traditions and alternative healing methods
  • solitude and rest, lots of rest.

I feel really passionate about

  • living an inspirational, abundant and beautiful life.
  • shining a light and being of service to make this world a better place.
  • helping you getting in touch with your own wisdom, creativity and intuition.

I know

  • That there is always a way.
  • That art and ritual can be a powerful healing tool.
  • That ultimately all is love.

And some more worldly information:

I was born in Namibia. Love made me split my time between my home-country and Berlin since 2010.

I am an award-winning artist with a BA degree in Visual Arts from the University of South Africa. I have exhibited extensively in Namibia and internationally in solo and group shows, won several awards and stipends and been invited on residencies. I also have been a curator at the National Art Gallery of Namibia and co-founded and managed an extensive art and cultural exchange program between the partner cities Berlin and Windhoek, running over several years.

Want more of the nitty-gritty? Then click here for my official artist CV.


Ok, that’s it for now! Hope to hear from you and to be able to post again soon. If I am not replying immideately to your comments, please have some patience, I am probaly busy renovating or unpacking. Or going for a walk through the forest… but will reply soon!

I love you all!


Starting of by Looking Back

All the best wishes to my blog followers for the New Year! Thank you for your support in the past and I am looking forward to sharing my art and thoughts with you again in 2013.

Happy New Year Namib © Imke Rust

Happy New Year Namib © Imke Rust

Wow, 2012 has been a busy and exciting year! My latest solo-exhibition has just ended and I had such a great response to it, that I am deeply grateful and humbled. Thank you all who came, commented, sent good wishes or supported me in any other way. I am busy getting ready for another fabulous new year and preparing to soon update my webpage with new pictures and information on the past exhibition and other news. Till then, I leave you with a brief review of my most viewed blogs of the last year.

I love feedback and was excited to get some nice statistics about my webpage and blog from WordPress (where my page is hosted), and would like to share some of the highlights with you:

My webpage received about 8700 views in the past year. Visitors came from 99 countries!
Most visitors came from Namibia. Germany & The United States were not far behind.

You might want to re-read my three top blogs from the past year – the ones which have received the most views are:


Cat & thorn circle

Cat and thorn circle

1. Tokoloshe Trap (or How to Catch Creatures of the Night) This blog tells you more about the origins of one of the works (Tokoloshe Trap) on my latest exhibition “…and I sensed an infinite scream passing through the Namib”.





Clay Foot front view (IRust)

Clay Sculpture by Imke Rust (c) front view

2. The shoes you wear… and how they are connected to my art  This one is a fun post about a very old work of mine, but seems if you put the word ‘shoes’ in the header, you might get more hits… (This blog got 184 views in 2012)






Tate Kuru, a Tree and a Road

Tate Kuru, a Tree and a Road

3. Tate Kuru, a tree and a road – a story of courage and doing the right thing This post is an inspirational post and explains a bit of my thinking and background to the art project I worked on for most of the year which resulted in my solo exhibition “…and I sensed an infinite scream passing through the Namib” which was shown in December 2012  in Swakopmund to great acclaim.




I would love to hear which was your personal favourite blog post, story or artwork of mine of the past year? And is there anything that you really would love to read or see more about this year?  Please let me know!