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Berlin Biennale – and what I assumed was art

Sometimes real life is more fascinating than art…

I have been visiting two of the five Berlin Biennale 2012 venues so far (and hope to see the rest in the next few days). From what I read about it, it sounded interesting with a big hype around its political agenda etc. . Honestly, I do hope the rest of the show is more exiting than what I have seen up to now (please note, that is just my very personal impression, based on my likes and preferences).

When searching for the Biennale display in the Akademie der Künste we got a bit lost and ended up on the wrong level. Not realising this, I got really excited when I peeked around one corner and saw, what I thought was the most brilliant political statement art installation at the Biennale so far:

Sleeping MP © Imke Rust

Sleeping MP © Imke Rust (Berlin Biennale 2012 / Akademie der Künste)

When I walked closer to get a full view, I realized that it was NOT an art installation, but a very tired Military Police guy… and his artful statement made the visit worth our while.