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Sowing Salt


Sowing Salt (Art Video / Performance )

Still image from ‘Sowing Salt’ (Art Video / Performance )

Have you ever sowed salt?

No? – Why would you?!?!

Any sane person would know that that would be futile and at the same time dangerous, poisoning and destroying your piece of soil.

But how often have you done something like sowing salt? Investing your energy (or money) and only later realising that you have done more harm than good? And how often did you do something stupid, because somebody told you that “that is what we have to do” or “It is a sure way to get rich (you can substitute ‘rich’ with whatever else you desire)”? I guess we all have at least once sowed salt and been utterly disappointed, asking ourselves why we did not think it through before we invested in an idea, and before it was too late…

It is up to us, to stop sowing salt. Stop whatever “get-rich-quick” scheme you are onto.First think your choices through to the end. Think about the larger picture and what impact it will have on others or your environment. If you are not sure, get informed and educate yourself. It is so easy in today’s world to have easy and free access to information. Share your knowledge and urge people to stop following “get-rich-quick” promises of their leaders. That way we can restore our earth and lives to its natural fertility and beauty.

In 2012 I have made a video art work / performance entitled: Sowing Salt. The work is a contemplation about people blindly following their leaders without questioning if it is right or wrong, and thinking about the long-term effects of their actions.

It was first shown as a video installation in December 2012 at my exhibition “…and I sensed an infinite scream passing through the Namib” (Swakopmund, Namibia). If you have missed the exhibition, you can now get a glimpse of this video work.

To get a brief impression of the original video installation, please follow the link below. In the exhibition the video continued in loop endlessly. Watch the video in the highest quality possible and remember to switch on the sound.

Sowing Salt Video

Sowing Salt (Video Installation, Swakopmund 2012)

Sowing Salt (Video Installation, Swakopmund 2012)

Love is…

… sharing a parking bay.

Beach-Buggys sharing a parking bay during high season in Swakopmund ©Imke Rust
Beach-Buggys sharing a parking bay during high season in Swakopmund ©Imke Rust
Top view of the busy parking lot, with the beach- buggies snuggling up closely together.
Top view of the busy parking lot, with the beach- buggies snuggling up closely together.

New Year – more fun, more love and more inspiration.

That is my plan. In the past I have hold back on sharing many everyday things which inspired me or made me smile, because I thought that I should stick to only posting things related directly to my art. I have come to realise lately, that in many ways my life is my art and my art is my life, and I cannot really separate the two – or want to anymore.

I want to live and see my life as an artwork. I actually like the German word “Lebenskünstler”  a lot. Directly translated it would be: life-artist. I understand it as somebody making his or her life an artwork. Unfortunately it is generally used to refer to people who do not earn a steady income and rely on others for their survival, in a negative way.

So, even if some future posts do not have an obvious or direct link to my art, I feel it is an important aspect influencing my art and who I am, and I hope you will enjoy the occasional ‘non-art’ posts too.

Love is… sharing a bit more of who I am with you.

Thank you for being part of my life and art!

Pictures from the Opening

IRust_Ausstellung_O_sFinally I have time to share some pictures of the opening of my latest solo-exhibition. It opened to great many people on Sunday the 9th of December in Swakopmund on the premises of “The Last Resort Well/ness Centre” (Yes, that is how it is written for a good reason). I did not count, but the newspaper said there were at least 150 people for the opening. And I got so much wonderful comments and feedback! Wow! Thank you to everybody who came! And those of you who have missed the opening, you still have time to see the exhibition (without the pushing and shoving of so many people) every afternoon between 14h00 and 18h00, except Sundays, till the 29th of December. I am at the exhibition all the time, if you would like to meet me. I would sure love to hear your thoughts, meet old and new friends and share my art with you!









All photographs taken by Steffen Holzkamp. (Copyright)

The opening speech, with Clinton Lang from "The Last Resort Well/ness Centre" in the middle.

The opening speech, with Clinton Lang from “The Last Resort Well/ness Centre” in the middle.

Creative Time

In the last weeks I have painted and sketched, played and observed, dreamed and created, and steadily I have filled my mind with so many new images and my small studio with numerous new artworks. I feel so blessed to be able to follow my dreams. I feel grateful for having a space to create and for finally coming to a stage in my life where I can focus on my own art again and it is a wonderful experience. There is nothing as exciting and invigorating as being in the flow of creativity.

This is also the reason that I have not updated my blog as regularly as I have hoped to… I hope you understand and forgive me, especially when you see all the new artworks that I have created. Unfortunately I cannot share them before the exhibition in April 2012 – a real test in patience for me.

Well, it is almost Christmas and the end of the year. It has been a busy and productive and very creative year for me, with many big and small transformations. I look back with happiness and gratitude and would like to thank everybody who has helped me along the way, who has supported me, who has cared and who has read my blogs and posted comments. Your encouragement and interest means a lot to me and keeps me going.

If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a merry and blessed festive time, free of the mad consumerism that has taken us and the event hostage. And for everybody else a happy and peaceful last few days of the year.

Here I have a special little creature to accompany you through the end-of-year madness.

Ink, marker & watercolour on paper, 29x 21cm (c) Imke Rust

Ink, marker & watercolour on paper, 29x 21cm (c) Imke Rust


In search of elves and fairies and green, green grass


Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart - Yellow flowers and moss on a rock

As a Namibian desert girl I recently had an interesting and exciting time in the very green and lush mountains of South Tyrol. All the dense vegetation was amazing, the little mountain creeks with their clear water fascinating and I especially fell in love with the soft moss growing everywhere. I was reminded of childhood stories of dwarfs, fairies and elves living in the forests and sleeping on beds of moss, carrying sweet forest berries as decoration and giggling under red and white mushrooms… as a child I did not know these things and wonderful places and my imagination ran wild. Now I walked through such magical forests in awe and wonder like a little child, eating some forest strawberries and making some art. I did not see any elves or red-capped dwarfs, but still I had lots of fun with the invisible spirits of nature and art.

Ok, I do not want to bore you with long stories, but rather just share some pictures of my small interventions in nature. So, here they are:

Location: Oberperflhof, approximately 1,500m above sea level, close to Katharinaberg / Monte Santa Caterina –  in the Schnalsvalley (Val Senales), Italy.

Date: July 2011

Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart (close) - Yellow flowers and moss on a rock


Green Sprial

8m garland woven of small cedar branches


Sprial on stone wall (8m garland woven of small cedar branches)

Sprial on stone wall (8m garland woven of small cedar branches)



Rock, branch & grass


Row of leaves

Light, leave tips and wood

Berlin Stages

line of leaves IRust

Lline of Leaves by Imke Rust, Bochum

Golden Leaves by Imke Rust

Golden Leaves by Imke Rust, Bochum

This week a handful of guests from all over Europe are discovering Berlin as part of a film workshop entitled “Berlin Stages” funded by the EU and organized by Frameworks e.V.. The invited guests have a chance to experience an artistic Berlin with a HD film camera, as they will be meeting and filming Berlin artists and are getting some hands-on opportunity to create their own art together with these artists. I am one of the artists that they will be visiting (tomorrow) and we will be doing land art in the Lankwitz Community Park (my current studio till I can move into a ‘real’ studio with a roof in middle of July hopefully). I am looking forward to an exciting and fun day in the park tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed for good and dry weather. If you are in the area, come by and share in the fun!

The results of their workshop will be shown on Thursday, the 7th of July at 20h00 at the Holiday Inn City East. Everybody is cordially invited. Hope to see you there!

More info about the project can be found below (unfortunately only in German) or on www.frameworks-berlin.de

Mit „Berlin Stages“ ist dem Berliner Verein FRAMEWORKS e. V. gelungen, aus einem der begehrten EU-Fördertöpfe Geld zu werben, um Gäste zu einem Film-Workshop nach Berlin einzuladen. „Das bunte Programm und die Chance Berlin aus der künstlerischen Perspektive zu erleben hat die Teilnehmer von vorneherein beeindruckt“, weiß Thomas Nagel, 1. Vorsitzender von FRAMEWORKS e.V.. Der Verein hat sich die Themenschwerpunkte Kultur und Bildung auf die Fahne geschrieben, und so können die 14 Gäste aus Europa Anfang Juli filmend in die Kunstszene der Stadt eintauchen. Landart, Pulp-Painting, Tonstudio und Museumsbesuch stehen ebenso auf dem Programm wie Improtheater und Modenschau. „Das Projektmanagement von der Konzeption bis zur Durchführung eines solchen Workshops ist eine Klasse für sich“, lacht der 1. Vorsitzende. „Wir freuen uns mit unseren Gästen über die individuellen Erfolge und Entdeckungen“, so Nagel.

Am Donnerstag, den 7.Juli.11, zeigen die Teilnehmenden ab 20 Uhr im Foyer des Hotels Holiday Inn City East für einen Abend, was sie im Rahmen des fünftägigen Workshops in Begleitung von Berliner Künstlern und Kulturschaffenden erarbeitet haben. FRAMEWORKS e. V. und seine Gäste laden zum Austausch ein. Zu den Spielregeln von EU-finanzierten Grundtvig-Workshops gehört, dass die Teilnehmenden 18 Jahre oder älter sind und für den Workshop ihrer Wahl mindestens eine europäisches Grenze überwinden. Alle drei Jahre können Erwachsene unabhängig von ihren persönlichen Budgets so auf den Spuren des dänischen Erfinders der Volkshochschule Grundtvig reisen und im Austausch mit anderen Europäern ein Themengebiet ergründen. Die Reise-, Unterbringungs- und Workshopkosten werden voll finanziert. 2012 werden europaweit Workshops rund um den Erhalt von Gesundheit angeboten. Infos:www.frameworks-berlin.de

Für Rückfragen:  Workshop-Hotline: 030/67922763

Thomas Nagel, 1. Vorsitzender FRAMEWORKS e. V. (mobil: 0151/22832281)   Renate Nuppenau, 2. Vorsitzende FRAMEWORKS e. V. (mobil: 0177/8076693)