Art in the Park (Berlin)

Gemeindepark 7June11

Summer has arrived in Berlin, with lovely warmth and sunshine. So it is the ideal time to get out and make some art outside. As i still do not have a studio, working outside is another great way of being creative.

There is a small community park just around the corner from where we live, so while the others played Badminton I kept myself busy with this…

For a change, not so much text and rather more pictures. Enjoy!

Untitled land art intervention by Imke Rust.

(Gemeindepark Lankwitz, Berlin, 7 June 2011)

8 thoughts on “Art in the Park (Berlin)

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Thank you, Nick! I am just starting out and it is really encouraging if people like my thoughts and art, which I am sharing here.

        1. Imke Rust Post author

          Wenn man Spass hat und creative ist, braucht man keine Geduld, nur ein bisschen Zeit und Fingerspitzengefuehl. Wir sollten mal zusammen auf der Farm was schoenes machen! lg


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