Missing Artwork

Please help! This artwork of mine was last seen in October 2010 at my joint exhibition with Silke Berens “New Works” at Studio77 (Windhoek, Namibia). Unfortunately it has since disappeared (lost? stolen?) and I have never received it back.

The Dream 2

Missing Artwork

Has anyone seen this work anywhere? I would really like it back and would be very grateful for any information about it!

A reward is offered to any information leading to the successful recovery of this artwork. Please send me a message on Facebook, my blog or twitter.

Would anybody steal an artwork in Namibia? That seems very unlikely. But on the other side, it seems very strange that it just disappeared into thin air… so I am still hoping that it will be found somewhere.

The work has a special story to it… ok, most of my artworks have, but this one is even more so. If I have time, I will write it down and share it with you on my blog soon.

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