Indigo Spider: Why Do We Have Art?

Storm in a Teacup

Storm in a Teacup

Wow, it is always great to know that people like what i am doing. It is such a honour and it gives me the inspiration to continue, even when sometimes the road seems to be just a bit too treacherous (like poison honey – as Wilma Stockenstroem would have said in her book: The Expedition to the Baobab Tree. Which, by the way, is my all-time favourite book).

A blogger, called Indigo Spider, has used my artwork to illustrate a beautiful point she is making on an important subject: Why Do We Have Art?  Go on, just click on it and have a look! What a pleasant surprise!

Also, since I am fairly new to the world of blogging, putting up my own webpage only last month and even got lured into using twitter, it is great to see how cool this all can work.

I must explain: in order to figure out how Twitter works (and gee, i am still not very literate with it, but please bear with me…) I looked up a friend of mine, who is using twitter and is blogging too (Andrew Robson – Check out his blog here) and looked around. He again is following the mysterious Indigo Spider. When I tried to sign up for Twitter, I seemed to have pressed on the “Get signed up to Follow Indigo Spider” instead of “Sign me up” or something like that…. So, being signed up, destiny already had set up one person to follow and  I decided that maybe i should check out the blog of this stranger… even if i do not like spiders, but Indigo… well that sounds cool. Ok, Indigo Spider is no spider after all, but a real person blogging about cool stuff in a funny and warm-hearted way and was kind enough to return the favour and follow me on twitter and visit my website.

And so the circle closes…. the Indigo Spider has been looking at my webpage, liked my art and has decided to use one of the works to illustrate her point, on which i totally agree.

What a beautiful world we share and how great that we can linked up with so many great spirits!

Thank you Andrew, thank you Indigo Spider and thank you, to all my friends who follow and support me and cheer me on!

2 thoughts on “Indigo Spider: Why Do We Have Art?

  1. screen_scribbla

    Hi Imke
    I’m really glad you and Indigo found each others’ work. To quote a song we ‘make the circle bigger’. Thanks too for the mention. Onward and upward – we are not limited by our geography!

  2. Marita C. Masuch

    Hi Imke,
    I love many of your pieces. Some are serene, beautiful, like “Storm in a Teacup” and others bring up so much emotions like “Mugabylon” that it makes it difficult to look at yet you can not look away. Exactly why I wanted to write the post. Plus, when I like something, I can’t help but want to share it!

    I also agree with you about Twitter. I’m fairly new myself and still haven’t figured out how to find good people to follow so I’m always thrilled when someone finds me! So, thank you as well for liking my writings and closing the circle.


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