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There is a kudu in my studio…



I have been quiet. I withdrew from the online world for a while, due to computer fatigue – I just needed to take a break. A break from reading, posting, searching, reacting and mostly from starring at a computer screen.

The decision to take a break was supported by the fact that I am back in Namibia, and realised how much I have missed just being out in nature. For the past few weeks I got so much joy and peace from just tending to my garden, watching all the different wild birds and small animals in it, consciously breathing the fresh air, soaking up the sun, slow down and basically just being.

During this time I also tied the knot with the most special and wonderful friend and partner.  We had a beautiful celebration with a handful of selected family and friends in Swakopmund. A special time of love, family and friendship that deserved my undivided attention.

Happiness: Getting married to my love at the Atlantic coast.

Happiness: Getting married to my love at the Atlantic coast.

But now I am happy to be back online and resume sharing my art and thoughts with you again…

My lovely husband and I have been at the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge for a few days, as he is producing an image video for them. During that time we saw a small herd of young kudus. They did not seem to mind us walking up really close to them.

While my man was filming, I just watched, taking some photographs and being grateful for this special experience. After a while I had the feeling that the one kudu cow wanted me to draw her portrait.

Excuse me… what?! I was confused. It can’t be… but I suddenly got a very specific impression about some parts of the painting, like the size and the composition and her insistence in the matter.

I was reluctant. I have often said I do not see the point in painting wildlife just for the sake of it. Isn’t it just too banal to paint a picture of a kudu? But she insisted, letting me know that there is a purpose. ‘Just trust me, I will guide you through it, once you get started…’ she seemed to say. And she did. (Or who or whatever placed those thoughts into my heart.)

What you see here is the almost finished work in my studio. I got some further specific directions while I was painting. Or was it just my creative mind? Anyway, hopefully I can soon follow up on them and let you know about the final work.

For now there is a kudu in my studio, watching me, with her kind and gentle eyes.

A kudu in my studio - not yet finished.

A kudu in my studio – to be continued…


The Making of "Rainmaker"

Making rain???

 Rain, rain, rain…. Namibia has not seen this much continuous rain in many years. I even hear some Namibians whispering softly, with guilty and apologetic looks, that maybe now it is enough rain… Too much of a good thing, is maybe also not that good. Even with flooding in the north, huge potholes in the roads and a yearning for some familiar sun and warmth, we dare not break the lucky spell by complaining. In Namibia we always want and need rain, we have seen too many droughts, been tormented with heat, water rations and desertification.

That is what I thought last year in May, when I was pondering about a motive for my next artwork: “In Namibia we always want and need rain.” It was a hot and sunny early afternoon at the Waterberg. My boyfriend and I were hiking on the mountain slope of the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge and I wanted to do a spontaneous site-specific (temporary) installation. So the easy solution was to make an image of a cloud and then to let it rain. Thought and done, this is how the “Rainmaker” artwork came into being. View more images here.

For some time I am contemplating the power of manifestation through art (either through music, dance, words or images) like for instance the “Rain Dance” preformed by many tribes for centuries and sadly often ridiculed and slowly being forgotten. What if the energy, which is set free through the creation of art – in whatever physical manifestation – is indeed a power much greater than we can imagine. And what if we can use art to manifest things we desire, like peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and…. rain?

And slowly I am wondering if it might have anything to do (in a small part) with the good rains which we are experiencing? And maybe the power of art is much bigger than even I could imagine? Which, if true, brings me to the even more important consideration: Be careful what you wish for…. because it might (or will?) come true.

I hope to still share much more with you on the subject of “manifestation through art” in the future, as it is an ongoing interest (and experiment) of mine.

By the way, the Waterberg Wilderness Lodge is a unique and extremely beautiful lodge, well worth a visit. The chalets are amazing, but for the budget traveler, they also have camping facilities available at a much cheaper cost then at NWR’s campsites next door (who additionally to the camping site charge entrance and vehicle fees etc.)

(As if to proof a point, it just started raining, AGAIN….)