A rare chance to view my older works in Windhoek

IRust_UNAM exhibition invite


If you are in Windhoek and would like to see some of my artworks (older ones – but some I am sure you have not seen yet) try to make a turn at the University of Namibia Campus – Visual Arts Department, where a selection is currently on view!

It is not an official exhibition, so there has not been a special opening function etc. but was meant to introduce the UNAM students to my work. Fortunately the exhibition is open during normal university hours for the public, too.

Should you be interested in buying any of the works, please contact me, so that I can give you the prices and details. (Not all works are for sale, but most of them).

I hope you enjoy seeing this exciting mix of my older work!

Venue: UNAM Visual Arts Department
Dates: 3 September to 12 October 2012
Opening Times: 8h30 – 16h30
Monday to Friday

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