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What you missed last weekend (but can still sign up for in the future)

Yes, you missed an awesome sunny Saturday spent in the forest in a relaxed atmosphere, learning and creating together at the Land Art workshop I presented.Kreativ im Grünen

After a short introduction to the ideas and possibilities of land or nature art, we set out on the short walk to the forest. The area offers a wide variety of different backgrounds and possibilities, ideal for each to find their best mode of expression. There is a small open birch forest, a dense coniferous forest, a meadow and the Havel river…

We had time to get to know the area, the materials available and then experiment with own works. The exchange between the different members of the group brought further ideas and inspiration and lots of laughter, but also serious discussions.

“What a wonderful way to spend the day! I could feel how the stress of the week quickly left my body and I began relaxing into my surroundings. It was great to have no pressure of having to perform, but to be able to experiment and create to my hearts desire. Thank you, Imke.” Ilona.

If you would like to participate at one of our future one-day workshops, which will be presented on a monthly basis, please send me an email, so that I can keep you updated about future dates and send you all other information needed. I am also happy to create tailor-made workshops according to your wishes, for that extra special private birthday party, company outings, a fun family breakaway, etc.

Please email me at: imkerust(a)iway.na (replace the (a) with an @ when sending).

Further information about the workshops can be found HERE. (The information is only available in German at the moment, but I am happy to offer the workshops in English too. Please request the English information sheet directly from me.)

Since pictures say more than a thousand words, I will not write further and rather share some pictures of the workshop with you (click on the images for a full-view slide show):

Last days of summer

The days have become shorter and colder, but the sun is still shining. Packed warmly (yes I already have started wearing some more layers of clothes, scarfs and gloves…) we ventured off for a long walk in our favourite little forest outside of Berlin. After all, yesterday was public holiday here in Germany. And I got a little time to play and make some art celebrating the beautiful and strong colours of summer.

I jut love the red berries one finds here and always wanted to use them in my artworks. Now I finally did.

Red Star

Red Star, blessing and thanking all the corners of the universe for its natural abundance and growth.

Unfortunately the wind was so strong that my original ideas did not work out and in the end I arranged this star flat on a tree stump, but almost could not photograph it fast enough before the wind blew it away again.


And here is a little bouquet for you! Because you are wonderful!

Hello Summer

Hello summer – where are you?

On Friday this was the view out of my studio:

View from my studio - it is snowing...

View from my studio – it is snowing…

So I decided to cut a stencil to welcome the summer… (as you can see, I am still struggling with the weather here in Berlin…)

Stencil - Hallo Sommer ©ImkeRust

Stencil – Hallo Sommer ©ImkeRust

Just to make sure that the welcoming note will be understood in Germany, I have used proper German, even though I liked “Hello Summer” better. Guess I am still more comfortable thinking in English…

And Sunday my boyfriend and I have planned to get out of the city and drive to a tiny forest on a tiny hill which we have discovered some time ago, the Lindenberg. I love these outings, as I can always find something fun to do, to interrupt the long walks my boyfriend loves to take. As you can gather, I am not that fond of endless walks…

So here are some photos of what happened when we were not walking:

Hallo Sommer (Dark soil on snow) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer (Dark soil on snow) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer (Dark soil on snow) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer (Dark soil on snow) © Imke Rust

I took along the stencil and decided I wanted to use eco-friendly materials. Fortunately I found some really dark earth from mole heaps close by to make this.

Hallo Sommer (Dark soil on wood) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer (Dark soil on wood) © Imke Rust

Trying out the stencil on a dead tree, which was more difficult because of the round shape…

I brought some Curcuma powder along from home, just in case I would not find any other suitable materials to use, and because of the warm yellow colour. So I had to try that out too. I was not all that happy with the result. Unfortunately the wind had picked up a lot making it difficult to pour the powder without spilling over the edges. The sieve which I used to add the dark soil in the previous pictures also did not work for this one, as the powder was to fine… and so to much powder plopped down… Anyway, I still like the warm colour 🙂

Hallo Sommer (Curcuma on snow) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer (Curcuma on snow) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer (Curcuma on snow) © Imke Rust

Hallo Sommer -Close-up(Curcuma on snow) © Imke Rust

And finally, a picture of me taking pictures of another work, which I hope to share at another time. Hint: I am the one hiding beneath all those layers of clothes…

Me, packed warmly, taking photographs © Imke Rust

Me, packed warmly, taking photographs © Imke Rust

Wishing you a wonderful week!