My New Year’s Resolution and a Gift for You

The Muse - by Imke Rust

The Muse – a self-portrait I have done this time a year ago while at home in Namibia.

The end of a year is the time when most of us take stock and plan ahead for the new year. Many friends are sharing their intentions, hopes and dreams on social media.

I, too, really want the next year to be awesome, but find it so difficult to put my desires into concrete shapes and words. My inner need to get more focussed has built up pressure in the past few days and my inability to focus has filled me with fear.

Today I decided to at least look through the things I have done in the past year and came upon the following text which I have written in September. It reminded me of a valuable lesson by which I have lived most of the past year, and probably should just continue to use as my motto in the next one, till I can fully embrace it.

I am sharing this with you, in the hope that it might inspire you too. Here it goes:

Sometime in 2013 when I felt really sick and depressed, and that already for a few months, I had this talk – with myself, or my higher self or God, well, that thing which sometimes answers you, by putting brand new and outrageous thoughts into your mind.

It went something like this:

Me: I finally want to be happy! And healthy!

It: Well, then just be happy and healthy.

Me: But I cannot. Cause I am depressed and my body is aching. Did you forget that I have a broken back, and ten other health issues on my plate on top of it?! Are you saying that it is my thinking and believes causing this?! It can’t be, because I have been trying to do all the right spiritual stuff and be positive and all that shit… and still here I am, feeling miserable, wanting to give up, but even too scared for that…. So?

It:      Just be.

Me (getting agitated): Grmpfff – I just told you, I am not. And it would be lying if I said that I am happy and healthy. And I will not lie. It is of no use.

It: No, just be. Breathe.

Me: Hä? (That is German for WTF?)

It: You know, how the world and you are trying to live by the Nike slogan: Just do it! ? That is ok, sometimes that is a real great advice, but right now I am giving you a new slogan, and yes, it sounds outrageous, but try it: Just be.

Me: Hey – hmmm, an improvement on the Nike slogan? Great, I like that! And it is even shorter than the Nike slogan, and less is more, so this is quiet cool.               I will try it.

And so I did.

Whenever I felt stressed, insecure or anxious, I stopped myself, took a deep breath and told myself: just be.

The beauty is, that in that moment I realise I am. I am everything, I am stressed or insecure, but I am also Imke, a human being, a woman, a creative spirit, a lover, a daughter, a friend… And I am part of this universe, I am love and I am kindness.

I (we?) often forget to firstly ‘just be’. Being is all we need to do.

There is nothing I need to do to be better or more accepted. We often put doing before being. When we remember to be and let our doing flow naturally out of our being, we start to live a more honest and happy life. We gain more strength and confidence in our actions, because they are fuelled by our true being and not by what we are told or tell ourselves we need to do.

Try it. For me it helps taking a deep breath, sometimes closing my eyes and then feeling into being. Consciously feel how I am being. Alive. Present. Aware.

It immediately calms me and gives me new strength. And it puts my fears of not doing enough or being perfect enough into perspective. I hope it might be the same for you.

And as a special gift I have created the image below and would love to send it to you in high-resolution so that you can either print it or use it as a screen-saver to remind you of this simple New Year’s resolution.

Just email me at imkerust(a) (Note: Please replace the (a) with an @ sign.) or leave a comment below and I will hurry to get it to you asap.


Wishing you a blessed and amazing 2015 filled with joy, love, health and abundance!

Just be.

5 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution and a Gift for You

  1. Susanne Jaspert

    Dear Imke, thank you so much for sharing your inner thoughts and feelings. I find you really courageous to be so open and honest. We all are sometimes depressed, more or less, and your thoughts will help us in those situations. How intelligent you are and how wonderful you have created a perfectly fitting picture, the cat and you. I think, I fully understand your message Thank you for saying, what we can’t say and showing what we can’t show, but what is still within us, but we are not able to express it or we do not have the courage.I am sure, that you will be able to be almost as happy as you want to be. Maybe you will just have to accept, that you are not a happy person, but rather a serious and thoughtful one, which is also fine. You are on the right track. You are fully aware and awareness is also probably a very important part of life. Just give yourself time and be patient with yourself, like you would be with a very good friend. Love yourself and treat yourself well, every day. Have a wonderful 2015. Lots of love from Namibia.

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Dear Susanne, your words mean such a lot to me – thank you so much!
      And yes, awareness is such an important part of life, and that also means being aware of the darker sides of life unfortunately. I am learning to accept that and stop resisting and fortunately I am getting better at it 🙂 That insight from the previous year has helped me tremendously (even if I sometimes forgot about it) and that is why I wanted to share it, thinking it might be helpful to other people too.
      All the very best wishes for you for 2015 too! May it be a wonderful year! Liebe Grüsse nach Namibia
      PS. Your gift is on its way!

  2. afrikafrau

    Feel free – find your own way- dazu gehören Fragen, Zweifel, Unsicherheiten, auch Irrwege, Umwege,umso kraftvoller wird deine Kreativität sein. Glaube der Magie in deiner Kunst, dann wirst du dich frei fühlen. Ein Privileg, in mehreren Welten leben zu können, der Phantasie
    freien Lauf geben. Dies mit dieser Welt teilen zu können, einfach wunderbar.
    Wünsche dir diese Freiheit für 2015, Beharrlichkeit und Durchhaltevermögen.
    deine freundliche followerin .

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Vielen Dank für die netten Worte, liebe Afrikafrau! Ja, wir müssen jeder unsern Weg finden und gehen und immer weitermachen, und das tue ich auch und bin dankbar für all das Gelernte und Erlebte… und für die lieben Menschen die mich in diesem Leben begleiten und unterstützen.
      Auch dir wünsche ich alles Gute und Liebe für 2015!


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