About Abundance

Do you ever long for more abundance in your life?
I do.

Imke Rust Tree Glow
When I struggle with really grasping a concept, really feeling its truth in my body, then I try to look at it from different and unusual angles. Usually I stumble onto something that helps me to understand.

In this case, I looked at it in two different ways:
I looked at the word.
And I looked at my environment.

Abound dance
Ab bound dance       ab(away from) latin
Away from – being bound
Bound by what?
Bound by the spell of scarcity.
So dance away from the scarcity spell!

Good Riddance!

Long ago somebody told me that the phrase of ‘Good Riddance’ actually stems from an old tradition of dancing when something has left your life or you want to get rid of something: a good rid-dance.

So dancing to break the spell and bring abundance into your life and dancing to rid yourself of things that you do not want in your life anymore…
So let’s dance and keep dancing!

In German it is called Überfluss.
In a way it is very similar and gives additional clues.
Keep flowing.
In the flow.
Over flow – move flowing-ly. Dance. Water. Move.

And then I have looked at the environment.

I grew up in a desert environment.
Desert is THE epitome of scarcity.
Of death, starving, limits, dryness…
Of barely surviving.
Backing down to the barest minimum.

Now I am in a lusher environment.
With forests nearby.
Forests are THE epitome of abundant life.
Of life, growth, exuberance, lush-ness, humidity, flow.
So lets dance the forest…

Dancing up a forest (Imke Rust)

Dancing up a forest (Imke Rust)

I have to admit, that I have written this several weeks ago, and just found it yesterday and decided to finally share it. Mostly to try to cheer myself up, to rid myself from my fears, from the pain that is keeping my body from dancing and my soul from believing in abundance…

The following would be a truer depiction of my current state:

Detail of a painting (Acrylic on Canvas, Imke Rust)

Detail of a painting (Acrylic on Canvas, Imke Rust)

I guess sometimes, we need to entertain the words, thoughts and images of a more positive state of being to try to get us back into that state. 🙂

Wishing you a beautiful, overflowing and abundant weekend!

4 thoughts on “About Abundance

  1. Ute

    No, the raven doesn’t want to watch over me; he is longig for something that reminds him of his original home: “Winter in Berlin”. Would it be possible to fulfil this desire?

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Ahhh – YES. That would be possible. I like the idea of the raven and the winter tree together! The artwork is still available and I will send you an email with the details.

  2. Ute

    Something is wrong with my computer; my comments always disappear to be never seen again.
    A last trial: I love your poetric mixture/composition of poems and pictures. It opens up new horiozons. And I love seeing you dancing in the tree – it is an aesthic pleasure – but also the huddled woman. All the time dancing would be rather dull and tiring.
    One of the most ipressive pictures I saw in my teenage years was “Tthe living desert”. Everywhere creatures which are busy to make the best of their life regardless how difficult it may be – and they enjoy it.
    And I am up to watch Kitsch on tv!
    Love – Ute
    PS. The raven wants to have its tree

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      I am glad the computer worked finally! Thank you – i always appreciate your comments and thoughts so much!
      Yes, the desert has taught me many wonderful things about survival, making do with little and being happy despite difficult circumstances.
      Now I hope that I can learn the lessons of the forest and tap into the energy of easy growth and abundance in so many areas of my life.

      I am glad the raven has found a home and understand that he would love his place up high in the tree where he can watch over you 🙂
      Love, Imke


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