Calling the Sun

After a brief appearance in Berlin the sun and warmth have disappeared again, making way for cold winter temperatures and a thick layer of snow.

So this is my official call for the sun to return. And my goldfish once again helped me with the task, by reminding the universe of the shape, colour and fun the sun can bring.

Goldfish, sun & snow ©ImkeRust

Goldfish, sun & snow ©ImkeRust

And since my family and friends back in Namibia are still desperately waiting for the rain, I thought I just send over a some clouds which I have collected some time ago (knowing that they might be in demand soon 😉 ). And I have asked them to take along all the clouds from Berlin and other rainy friends which they encounter along their way. Common clouds – the party is happening down in Namibia, so get yourselves over there in a hurry!

Cloud#1389 ©ImkeRust

Cloud#1389 ©ImkeRust

Cloud#1394 ©ImkeRust

Cloud#1394 ©ImkeRust

Wishing you all a happy week! Filled with sun or rain – whatever you need! But mostly filled with gratitude and love for that what is…

4 thoughts on “Calling the Sun

  1. juttadobler

    They got here!!!! It just started to rain. Thank you my dear friend :-).
    Btw, you sunfishes are stunning! Big hug

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Oh, how cool is that! I hope that more and more rain will still come! And THANK YOU! hugs and love! xxx


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