Secret Messages – Geheime Botschaften

Sometimes books are just plain boring or badly written, but you can trust me in trying (and usually succeeding) to find a different and more positive way to look at stuff or spend time with a boring book.

Last year, during a rainy day we were confined to our holiday bungalow. A perfect day to read, and fortunately the bungalow had a shelve with some books. Unfortunately, you had the choice between really bad writing, really boring stories or really gruesome and tasteless horror novels. So I decided on a book which was both badly written, boring and a cheap paperback.

As I said: you can trust me to uncover the secret messages which it contained…

As usual I had my tippex marker  handy, which helped me to reveal these messages by getting rid of all unnecessary and boring words.

That kept us happily busy and today I am excited to share them with you.

It is a German book, so I will try to give the best possible English translation of the poems.

Das gute Omen - A Good Omen

Das gute Omen – A Good Omen

Das Aufleuchten
war ein gutes Omen…
In der Nacht
schaufelte er aus dem Loch
Eine Sonne
Erinnerte auch heute an eine
Letzte Nacht.

The lighting-up was a good omen… In the night he dug from a hole a sun. Any day reminds us even today of a past night.

Das Kichern in den Fingerspitzen - The Giggle in the Fingertips

Das Kichern in den Fingerspitzen – The Giggle in the Fingertips

Aber ihre Seele drohte zu zerspringen. Eine Seele wusste, wenn ein Kichern noch sehr lebending in einem Körper hause – am liebsten in den Fingerspitzen.

But her soul threatened to burst. A soul knew when a very alive giggle was still dwelling in a body –preferably in the fingertips.

Magische Zeichen - Magical Signs

Magische Zeichen – Magical Signs

Auch das Gefühl, erneut emporzuschießen – so hoch wie gleißend magische Zeichen, war eine Projektion! Und für einige Augenblicke, rasten rätselhafte Worte wie veränderte Strahlen durch sein Herz.

Also the feeling to again ascend – as high as glistening magical signs, was a projection! And for some moments mysterious words raced like changed rays through his heart.

Eine graue Wolke - A Grey Cloud

Eine graue Wolke – A Grey Cloud

Eine graue
Wolke formte
Ein heiseres Lachen.
Er musste niessen… Und dann war alles
Die Partikel sanken wie in Zeitlupe zu

A grey cloud formed a hoarse laugh.
He had to sneeze… and then everything was over.
The particles sank in slow-motion to death.

I hope you enjoyed these little stories or poems!

Love, Imke

4 thoughts on “Secret Messages – Geheime Botschaften

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Hahaha, a poet 🙂 . Well, I do love stories, even if I usually tell them more through pictures than words. And it is the paradox, uncovering through hiding or covering up, that I found intruiging. hugs to you, dear Jutta! xx

  1. Ute

    That sounds very “powerful and substantial” (evidently a characterisation of shephard dogs – as tells). The world is indeed full of secretsI and suprises.
    Up to now I have never thought about the creative power of markers!
    I am looking forward to your next discoveries – Ute

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Thank you, Ute. Indeed the world is full of magic and surprises if we just open our heart to see them. I loved how suddenly with just selecting a few words, there was the sense of some real suspense and stories. And yes, I will happily keep sharing my discoveries 🙂 Liebe Grüsse!


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