Storms pass

All storms pass... even shit-storms. © Imke Rust

All storms pass… even shit-storms. © Imke Rust

Recently I experienced my very first ‘shit-storm’ on Facebook, after uploading a controversial design which I made in order to raise awareness about the auctioning of a permit to hunt the very endangered black rhino. 

I do not want to go into a discussion about the image or reasons or thoughts about it, but rather on something that I have learned in the past years. Things change, always. Bad times pass and so do good times.

You might be scared, angry, upset, frustrated, wronged… whatever… but this too, shall pass. Give it some time, some kindness and some love. And in the end the storm will pass.                                          All storms pass. Always.

And usually they will present you with gift of the most beautiful rainbow afterwards…. 🙂 🙂

I was so grateful that I had learned this. So while the shit-storm was happening, I could calmly sit back, smile, enjoy a good cup of coffee and watch it unfold. I have made my art, I have shared it and I even have explained it. Nothing more for me to do, except believe in who I am.

Many people liked it, and many understood it, so I knew that I was not totally off-track. The ones that did not understand, felt offended and had to argue on and on, I would probably never be able to convince otherwise. And that is not my job, anyway. So, after I made sure that I did answer politely and ensured that there is no real serious miscommunication on my side, I could let it go.

And rather focus on all the lessons, which it had taught me or reminded me of in such a clear way. Just as clear as the rainbow in the picture, which I photographed last year at the Waterberg, after one of the most spectacular storms and rain showers.

And I could use that energy to create something new. Like this wisdom blurb. 😉

Wishing you calmness and confidence to pass through your storms and the most spectecular rainbow at the end of every storm to remind you how strong and beautiful and loved you are!


7 thoughts on “Storms pass

  1. juttadobler

    Yes! I love how you reacted to the shitstorm hitting :-). Reminds me of that book title: what you think of me is none of my business. I think we all have that deep instinctive fear of being thrown out of the tribe. And there were times when this was really dangerous.
    But nowadays it is much more dangerous (for ourselves and for our beautiful planet) to just shut up and not do or say anything controversial.
    And i love that you first explained your position calmly, before letting the storm pass over you.
    big hug xxxx

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      You are so right, dear Jutta.
      That fear sits really deep in us (and me) so it was a huuuge accomplishement to be able to let the storm pass, without fretting too much about it. I learned that living and speaking your truth and ‘playing-it-save’ do not work together. You have to choose. It took me a while to realise, that it would kill me to not speak /express my truth. I still try my best to not offend anybody. 🙂 And I always want to be understood, so I am sometimes explaining too much.
      And a big hug to you! So excited about Saturday!

  2. Ute

    The problem is that shit storms are no forces of nature one is “innocently” exposed to but that something of what one has said had touched some sore point which had to be figured out to come to a mutual understanding. I could image that some people think that some species of animals get more attention than they do.
    The rainbow is indeed a true masterpiece both of nature and art!
    Love – Ute

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Thank you Ute!
      Yes, the shit-storms we attract by stepping out and speaking our truth, which is not always welcome or understood or appreciated. And yes, I guess I have hit some very sore points as I ‘talked’ quite bluntly about two very controversial topics in one image. I used to be very wary of stating my opinion and speaking my mind, because it is so easy to step on somebody’s toes. Nowadays I have learned that as an artist expressing my truth, I will not be able to totally avoid offending somebody if I make art that matters instead of just ‘pretty pictures’.
      Liebe Grüsse und bis bald in Berlin!

      1. Ute

        That is the real art or utopia: living one’s own life in agreement with the rest of the world – it wili keep us busy!

  3. Indigo Spider

    That is a beautiful rainbow. I’ve never seen on so vertical before… did you search for the pot of gold at the end? 😉

    Ah, shit storms, sometimes they throw a lot of shit, other times they just seem to linger longer than you care for, but they do eventually go away. Facebook seems to be a haven for shit storms though!

    Very wise words and one I will have to remember the next time I’m in the middle of a shit storm. Thank you!

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      That was a beautiful but strange rainbow, very broad and like a vertical dagger coming from the sky. Almost no curve… there must have surely been a pot of gold there!

      Ah yes, but that episode also reiterateme another spiritual law: What you focus your attention on will become your reality. And what you resist will persist. So after watching in awe (this was so interesting) and commenting for a while, I just stopped giving it any attention, and declared it in an updated status. It was nice that other people then defended me and my work on my behalf and then soon I just did not feel the need anymore to see if there are any more comments. 🙂

      Hoping that you do not attract to many shit-storms. But if you do, take comfort in knowing that “This too, shall pass”.


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