Weird Sense of Humor

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook…

… and especially with the inspirational or funny picture-texts that so many people love to share like hot-cake. If they are good, I am equally guilty. Although sometimes they are just getting too much, I usually enjoy the beautifully packaged bite-size pieces of wisdom.

You do not need to read the book, or hear a long story to get the message. And it is usually short and sweet to easily stick in your mind. Makes you smile, makes you nod, share and move on. And the good ones stick in your mind like those neo-coloured post-it notes. I guess the power lies in the combination of image and word, and being short and sweet.

So, that’s a longish intro to letting you know, (drumroll, please 🙂 ) that I have decided to occasionally follow suit by creating my own. Sharing some fun, spiritual, art or other Imke-wisdom…

I know, it is probably not considered to be professional to do such things and even less to publically share them on my artist blog, but – you know what? – I do not really care anymore. I’d rather have fun and be true to my inner soul, than to fit in with social conventions. (I have tried that – it was boring and too often I failed miserably at it…)

Besides finally being able to share bite-sized bits of my mind, I also get to make use of the tons of photographs I take, which too often just end up unseen in some dark corners of dusty folders somewhere in the digital space of my computer.

So here it goes:

I have a weird sense of humor. It keeps my mind wonderfully entertained without you even noticing. (Imke Rust)

I have a weird sense of humor. It keeps my mind wonderfully entertained without you even noticing. (Imke Rust)

Enjoy! And if you enjoy my sense of humour, feel free to like, comment or share this!


4 thoughts on “Weird Sense of Humor

  1. Indigo Spider

    I enjoy your sense of humor… that which you’ve shown on this blog anyway. I do not do Facebook. I did once, years ago, because (ironically) work required it — it was also the final straw that led me to leaving that hell hole. My impression of Facebook is that it is made up of a bunch of adults trying to recreate the High School cliques — all fake, childish, judgmental ideas passed around in a bubble of like-minded people presenting an image they wish they were rather than what they are.

    However, if I were ever to return I would HAVE to friend you just for the humorous wisdom you are creating 🙂

    I also have to ask — is that locust as large as he appears? I’m not usually squeamish around bugs but when they become the size of small mammals I’d rather avoid them!

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Thank you so much! Also for sharing your views on FB. I agree with you, but I also found many interesting and like-minded people there and it is fairly good at spreading more of my art to people who like it. That is the main reason I am on there and to easily keep in touch with friends from far away. But yes, there are serious down sides.

      Good that we can be friends via wordpress!!! 🙂

      The locust was quite a large species and sat on our car’s windscreen, but nothing to be squeamish about. That is how I got the bottom view that looks as if he is in the sky…

  2. juttadobler

    🙂 I certainly do enjoy your sense of humor! Keep them coming dear Imke! Is the rider also from you? Stirred quite some discussion, which is what good art does, Which reminds me, what do artists have to do with conventions??
    Big hug my friend, was lovely seeing you the other day!

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Thank you, Jutta, I am happy that you do. Yes, I also did the rider image…what an interesting experience 🙂 Stirring exactly the debate that I tried to question… I guess art that does not stirr any discussion, will also not make any difference.
      I also enjoyed your visit and looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, and hopefully on the 25th too! Big hug back to you! xxx


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