Different View

I have just exchanged this view

Berlin studio view

For this one

Windhoek studio view

And the winter for the summer.

The European continent for the African.

One home for another.

Berlin for Windhoek.

A studio in the fifth floor for a ground-level studio spilling over onto the stoep (Namibian word for verandah) and garden.

And so much more….

A strange feeling. Returning home, from another home.

I am looking forward to the time here in Namibia and am excited to catch up with my friends, family and my cat. Planing on a creative, adventurous and inspirational time and hopefully getting back into a more regular blogging routine.

6 thoughts on “Different View

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Anna, where are you? Not in Berlin, oder doch? i have never seen a north light… 😦 Although i am really happy not to be in Berlin when it is so cold. We have about 33degrees here. Come and visit sometime!

  1. annabrinkmann

    Oh, what a beautiful garden, exchange me with artworks, please.
    The east cold weather front is arriving to Berlin – minus 8 degree – yesterday.
    The lake in the north is frozen. I smashed the ice, so we were able to go fishing.
    Enjoy your be.national life 🙂


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