How to deal with shit in 2014

2013 has been a transformative, beautiful and challenging year and I hope that you too can look back with gratitude for its blessings.

Here is to wishing you a
spectacular, happy, loving, healthy and abundant 2014.

Even with the best wishes, each year we will have some challenges to deal with. We have prepared a fun video message for you on
how to best handle life when it gets rough.

  (duration: 1:45min – watch it till the end!).

We hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to share it with your friends and family, too. We would also love to hear your comments 🙂

Sending you lots of love and happiness, Imke

6 thoughts on “How to deal with shit in 2014

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Thank you – Yes, it is good if we realise that what we consider as shit happening in our lives, can be turned around into something worthwhile. And if not, just keep rolling it out of the way, one ball at a time and eventually the big heap will be gone. Hope you are enjoying your travels and looking forward to seeing you, when you are back! big hugs and the best wishes for the New Year to you – may it be filled with love, abundance, happiness and magic! hugs xx

  1. ute

    Tonight, the thought struck me too: where does the happily whistling bug roll the mist? The story should be continued!

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Dear Ute, I have just explained it to Indigo Spider on the previous comment. They roll their balls to the dining table and breeding chambers. That is, if not another beetle steals the ball, before it gets there. We have some more ideas for sequels to this clip, hope Steffen gets time to edit and work on them soon.
      Wishing you a great start to the New Year and looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!

    1. Imke Rust Post author

      Yep, the eat it!! But also use the balls to lay their eggs in it. The dung balls then get buried in the ground and the little ones feed from it, till they are strong enough to come out. Isn’t it amazing how in nature there is never any waste and the dung beetles are like little gardeners, bringing the manure into the soil again. I made one artwork from dried dung balls which my father found after the babies have left. You can see it here:

      Happy New Year to you, too!


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