Marketing Workshop

There is more to being a successful artist than producing great art…

The last 2 days I have presented a Marketing and Exhibition Planing Workshop for artists and art students. The workshop was organized and funded by the John Muafangejo Art Centre to help artists to become more professional and learn some business and marketing skills to promote their art better. First time I presented a 2-day workshop, so I was a bit nervous. But with lots of preparation and then remembering that I do have lots of experience and this is a subject matter which I am as passionate about as the art itself, everything went smooth and I enjoyed it. And it seems the students too, to judge from all the “big thank you’s” I have got and sparkling eyes from young students who were excited to go home and implement some of the tips i have given them…

Well, it was my absolute pleasure sharing my knowledge and I am looking forward to many well planned and marketed art exhibitions in future!!!

The workshop is not over though! There are 2 more days being presented by my friend and mentor Dr Meredith Palumbo (an art historian specializing in African and Namibian art and currently lecturing at the University of Namibia, Department of Visual Arts) – she will treat the students to her lovely teaching style and share with them her knowledge and long experience of curating and hanging exhibitions.


25feb11 Weekender JMAC

Announcement of the workshop in the Namibian Weekender, 25 February 2011 (pg4)

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