Exhibition Poster This exhibition has been curated by the Charkiv Municipal Gallery in cooperation with Namibian-German artist-curator Imke Rust. Here are some views of the opening tour and artworks. 25 September 2015 about “Understanding” The question of understanding, or rather – the absence of understanding, has become an acute social problem of modern Ukraine. The loss of empathy and real communication in human relations becomes more and more apparent. Therefor the artist’s role as mediator is necessary. Art has to be taken out into the streets more, in order to directly inspire and stimulate a dialog. Otherwise the important messages of the artists might drown in the cacophony of the city. In this project different voices of young Charkiv artists are carefully placed into the multi-layered cityscape to provoke dialog and accentuate specific themes. Art is an exceptional way of communication; it encourages a dialogue not only between the artist and the audience, but also between different people of society. This dialog can also grow beyond the borders of the city and country, as art has the potential to overcome language barriers and facilitate vital understanding between people and nations. If the artists act as the voice of society, then art can become an interpreter of our thoughts and ideas.

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