Back from Cape Town…

I just came back from Cape Town, where I was fortunate to see some galleries and exhibitions. Always inspiring to see some new art. Four interesting exhibitions at the National Art Gallery: Roger Ballen’s photos  were striking and fascinating in a disturbing way. Although I am not a great fan of documentary photography, Ernest Cole’s images captivated me – here is a quick explanation from the website:  “Ernest Cole believed passionately in his mission to tell the world, in photographs of unsurpassed strength and gravitas, what it meant to be black under apartheid. In order to publish his book, House of Bondage, Cole went into exile. Immediately after it was produced in 1967, his publication was banned here, and this major critique of apartheid is seldom seen in South Africa.”

The In Context exhibition showed a variety of contemporary works focusing on how different artists view South Africa – well curated and cool works ranging from video, 2-d works to  installations.

Thumbs up for the gallery, that always seem to have some really great exhibitions on offer.

Sue Williamson at the Goodman Gallery was cool, too. If I weren’t so tired i would write some more about that exhibition and the others… but, I am tired. So, rather follow the link and read up for yourself what the gallery has to say. And hopefully some other day i have more time and can tell you more about my thoughts….

(above a picture of me in front of the Goodman Gallery in Woodstock)

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