2019 (The Impossibility of) Cleansing Healing Watering

(Original performance: 2017, first released 2019)

Artistic Collaboration by Imke Rust and Steffen Holzkamp
Title: (The Impossibility of) Cleansing Healing Watering

as Video Art (1:39min) Video, editing and sound: Steffen Holzkamp

(The Impossibility of) Cleansing Healing Watering is a lens-based performance dealing with my personal exploration of Namibia’s colonial history and the question of how we can cleanse ourselves of the guilt of our ancestors, heal the wounds and work towards a fruitful future.

Originally created as lens-based performance, approximate duration 5 min
Performance: The artists face each other, standing in a dried out dam and start pouring water from two 5 litre containers over their own heads. Once all the water is emptied, they place the container on the floor, turn around and walk away from each other.

Location: Farm Otukarru, Namibia, December 2017