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In 2003, one year after “Where do we go from here…?” the newspapers ran an article on Zimbabwe, in which it was said that the SPCA had to put down 140 dogs that belonged to a farm security company that went out of business due to the eviction of commercial farmers under the land resettlement program. The article was accompanied by a picture of a man stacking the bodies of dead dogs onto a heap. It seemed like a perfect symbolic answer to the question of the earlier work “Where do we go from here…?”. While in the first work the dogs appeared to be fleeing, they now became the helpless victims of the crisis. At the same time the press ran many articles about the war in Iraq, and there was one striking image of feet sticking out of a pile of bodies of Iraqi victims of the war. “Mugabylon” fuses these two images and makes us aware that the hunger for power and its subsequent misuse is not restricted to a certain nation. The image and the title (a fusion of the words Mugabe and Babylon) speak of the accumulation of power, as a typical and universal human nature. Irrelevant of time, place, race or nation, humanity always seeks to build towers of power knowing very well, that they will sooner or later have to tumble down, as they are build on the lives of the oppressed. The fact that human and canine bodies are staked on the same heap emphasizes how little respect and worth there is attached to a human life.

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