Where do we go from here…?

Where do we go from here...?

Where do we go from here…?

Digital Print on Paper
Size 88 x 120cm

This artwork was done in 2002, when the land crisis in Zimbabwe started to escalate. At the same time several white farmers were murdered in Namibia. I am the 5th generation of our family (German descent) in Namibia and my father is living on a farm, which he bought when I was 8 years old. Many other Namibians of European origin have left the country and our family and friends often talked about the possibility of us having to emigrating should Namibia follow the same route as Zimbabwe– but where do we go, since this is our only home? Even though this was a personal response to my own circumstances, I realise that it is a universal problem, with people all over the world fearing the misuse of power and having to often flee their home countries in order to save their lives.

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