The Dream II

The Dream II

White Series

The artist invites us on a dreamlike and intuitve journey into her inner world, playing
with associations and insecurities arising from the unknown.  White figures, outlined shapes,
figures suspended in undefined spaces, a minimalist palette and a combination of graphical
and painterly aspects create the surreal and illogical atmosphere in this series. See more here.


Dragon looking for Love (Gelbe Gefahr)

Dragon looking for Love (Gelbe Gefahr)

Made in China

Ink and watercolour paintings on rice-paper produced in Beijing, China. 2008.
Part of the HuangHua Art Project

This series explores the misunderstandings arising due to cultural differences, conditioning, expectations and lack of communication and have been produced during the artists stay in Bejing. English words looking like Chinese writing, an outline of the borders of China turning into a friendly dragon looking for love and the yin&yang symbol becoming more human… These playful works are reminding us to look below the surface and past our prejudices with an open heart. See more here.

Trinity Spiral

Trinity Spiral


Maize flour, acetate, paper, thread, tippex, marker pen on coloured paper |  2008

A work series exploring the universal Yin&Yang principle through combining personal with ancient symbols, specific materials, (i.e. traditional African staple food maize flour and modern materials such as acetate or tippex), tactile differences and opposing processes (i.e. cutting and sowing). See more here.



Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Land Art – Performance/Photography

This is a joint performance and photography project exploring themes of land, skin, identity and the position of women in Namibia. Performer: Wiebke Volkmann / Photos: Imke Rust Location: Krumhuk, just south of Windhoek.  See more here.




Passed by Censor

Passed by Censor

Memory Series 2005

‘Memories’ consists of works based on my mother’s childhood experiences related to the war. It mainly deals with the absence of her father, who was sent to the internment camp Andalusia (SA) when she was only 2 months old. My grandmother regularly sent postcards with photographs of my mother to my grandfather, written in the name of their little daughter. My mother saw her father for the first time when she was six years old. These postcards and stories form the basis of my work. (…) See more here.



Where do we go from here...?

Where do we go from here…?

Power & Politics 2003

Power and oppression are the basic themes in this series. The dog, a recurring image in my mixed-media works, is used as a metaphor for society, the misuse of power by politicians as well as the submissiveness of the vulnerable. The dog is considered to be man’s best friend and, at the same time he is also a dangerous and unpredictable animal. Similarly humans, often thought of as humane and peace loving can be vicious, dangerous and cruel. […] See more here.


Bitumen Dogs ( detail of triptych)

Bitumen Dogs ( detail of triptych)


No, I do not own a dog…

…and no, I do not particularly like dogs, but I love to paint and draw them.

As the animal which is closest to the human, and which is breed by humans to fulfill their specific needs, I find the human-canine relationships an interesting metaphor for human relationships in general. And through my interest in that, I have started to study them more closely. So every now and then, a dog may appear in my art again. Here are some examples.

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