“shared experiences” Artistic Exchange Project 07-10

Invite to a 'shared experiences' event
Invite to a ‘shared experiences’ event

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Short overview:

A Project Co-founded and Managed by Imke Rust & Oliver Schruoffeneger

Berlin and Windhoek have been partner cities since 2000. The non-profit organization p.art.ners berlin-windhoek gGmbH was founded in 2007 as a private initiative by Namibian artist Imke Rust and Berlin parliamentarian Oliver Schruoffeneger, to promote art and cultural exchange within this city partnership and strengthen the existing ties. The ‘shared experiences’ projects, organized by p.art.ners berlin-windhoek, aim to promote artists through exchange and exposure. In close collaboration with Namibian and Berlin artists we conceptualise and present projects from different cultural genres, such as visual arts, music, theatre, film and dance.

Under the “shared experiences” motto we aspire to encourage shared conceptualization and realisation of artistic projects. Through the participation in our projects artists from both cities work together, experiencing different creative processes, learning from each other and entering into an exciting and fruitful artistic dialog. The “shared experiences” idea is central to our projects and we do not simply send a finished production to the partner city, but have different partner institutions from both cities working together on new projects.

p.artners has initiated, organized, funded or supported 56 different projects in almost all different creative genres. All this is made possible with financial support from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie in Germany. Their funding covers the running costs of the project, ensuring the feasibility of organizing projects, but does not cover any direct project expenses. Another valuable sponsoring agreement has been signed with Air Namibia, ensuring significantly cheaper flights for participants of our projects. All other funding for projects has to be raised through additional sponsorship.

The “shared experiences” project’s term is running till the March 2012. For the remainder of the time we would like to strengthen existing contacts and secure the sustainability of the project through encouraging more institutional involvement and support.

Imke Rust initiated the idea of this project and together with Oliver Schruoffeneger founded p.art.ners berlin-windhoek. She has managed the project on the Namibian side from 2007 till 2010. In August 2010 Imke has resigned from her position as Managing Director of p.art.ners in order to again pursue her own art full-time.

Experience Dance Poster
Experience Dance Poster

Projects & Event Overview

“shared experiences” artistic and cultural exchange project

Initiated and organized by p.art.ners berlin-windhoek in close cooperation with partners from Germany and Namibia.

Sep 2006Conceptualization and ground work started for the “shared experiences” project
1July 2007:p.art.ners berlin-windhoek registered as a gGmbH in Germany.
2Sep 2007Visit of project partner from NID, Ms Naita Hishoono, screening of the Film “Wenn uns zwei Berge trennen” and presentation of a talk in the House of Parliament of Berlin.This visit has led to an invitation by the GTZ for Ms Hishoono to return to Berlin and participate in a young leaders workshop in November 2008.Berlin
3Jan 2008Exhibition “Kolmanskop”. Internationally acclaimed photographs of Helga Kohl, one of Namibia’s top photographer,exhibited in the Rathausgalerie Reinickendorf, Berlin.Berlin
4Feb 08Special Supplement: Tagesspiegel Newspaper about the partner cities and introduction to the project in the Tagesspiegel, one of Berlin’s largest daily newspapers. 8 pages.Additional copies were printed and distributed at the ITB.Berlin
5Apr – Dec 08Short Film Competition Namibian Filmmakers are invited to enter scripts for a short film competition. The best 3 scripts receive N$ 50 000.00 for the production costs, plus they get a workshop with a “script doctor” to fine tune their scripts.The 2nd part of the competition is for the actual short films to be handed in, also short films which have been produced independently are accepted for this part. The winner of part 2 will be invited to attend the Berlinale in 2009, all expenses paid.The winner was announced on the 3rd of December: Mr Tim Huebschle with the film “Rider without a Horse”.DVD’s of the 3 funded short films have been produced and will be for sale.The official premiere of the films will be at the Wild Cinema Film Festival in 2009.

In cooperation with the Wild Cinema Film Festival.

6May 08UNAM Choir visit to Berlin:The UNAM choir has been in Bremen and p.art.ners has invited them to Berlin, where they have had 3 shows. At two they were singing together with the Berlin choir “Happy Disharmonists”Berlin
7/8May 09 ongoingVisual Art Stipends (BBK and Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien)Visual art stipends/residency to live and work in Berlin for 2-12 months. Two different options were given, one for one established artist to spend 12 months at the Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien and another for 3-6 artists to spend 2-4 months at the workshops of the BBK. All expenses paid.Applications were invited and an international jury of art professionals are responsible for the selection.In cooperation with the BBK, Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, IFABerlin
9Aug 08Visual Arts Stipend for Berlin Artist to Namibia 2 month stipend/residency to live and work on the Farm Peperkorrel (hosts are the artist couple Doerte and Volker Berner) in the beginning of 2009. Applications were invited and an international jury of art professionals are responsible for the selection.The selected artist will present a one week workshop to UNAM students.In cooperation with UNAM and Doerte & Volker Berner.Windhoek
10Jun 08Assistance with the shooting of the music video “What dey fighting for” by Namibian musicians EeS and Ras Sheehama, in Germany.Germany
11Aug 08 – Feb 09Fashion Design Stipends:2 Design Stipends are awarded for German fashion graduates, who are working with UNAM fashion students for a duration of 6 months.In cooperation with UNAM and ASA/InWentNamibia
12Sep 08The 1st Namibian visual artist, Kleopas Nghikefelwa, who has received a stipend from p.art.ners takes up residency in Berlin at the BBK workshops. (4 months)Berlin
13Oct 08The 2nd Namibian visual artist, Jost Kirsten, who has received a stipend from p.art.ners takes up residency in Berlin at the Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien for 12 months.Berlin
14Oct 08Return visit:09Dance project “Experience: Dance!”10 young Namibian dancers from the Ombiyeta Yehinga Organisation dance troupe, and their choreographer Philippe Talavera were invited to Berlin for 2 weeks to rehearse and perform with 16 young German dancers from the Faster-Than-Light Dance company, under the choreographer Volker Eisenach. 3 shows held in Berlin and Potsdam.  A return visit for the German dancers to Namibia is planned for 2009 with performances under the choreography of Talavera.Berlin
15Oct 08Return visit: 09/10Berlin Choir visit “Happy Disharmonists” to NamibiaRehearsals, preparations and planning for the Musical production “The Lion’s Roar” to be staged in Berlin in 2009/10 with the Namibian musicians and dancers and the Happy Disharmonist Choir in Berlin.The “Happy Disharmonists” also presented 3 own shows in Namibia (2 Windhoek, Warehouse, 1 Omaruru Guest House) and 1 combined show in Windhoek, Zoo Park after rehearsing with COTA and Namibian musicians for a week.  “Namibia Meets Berlin with Jackson & friends” @ Zoopark. With College of the Arts Youth Choir and Namibian musicians (Jackson Kaujeua, Patricia Ochorus and Lydia Auala)Windhoek
16Nov 08Shoot! Exhibition. Namibian Photographer Helga Kohl invited to participate in a group show in the Emerson Gallery Berlin. We have invited Kohl to be present at the opening and spend 1 week in Berlin to visit other photography exhibitions.Berlin
17Nov 08Return visit:09Grips Theatre in Namibia3 senior members, including director and founder Volker Ludwig, of the Grips Theatre in Berlin have visited Namibia to present a workshop on the Grips method and start preparations for the planned Namibian adaptation of the “Linie 1” Musical, with the Namibian theatre company Avalon Event. 20 participants were selected from 6 open auditions for the workshop. The best actors and singers will be selected to star in the musical, planned to be staged in Namibia in July 2009 and hopefully afterwards in Berlin, at the Grips Theatre.Windhoek
18Jan 09The 3rd Namibian visual artist, Kaleb Haipinge, who has received a stipend from p.art.ners takes up residency in Berlin at the BBK workshops.Berlin
19Jan 09Namibia³ – Group exhibition by 3 Namibian artists who all have received stipends from p.art.ners to live and work in Berlin.Berlin
20Feb 09Screening of the 3 winning films of the Short-Film competition in Berlin during the Berlinale Film Festival. In conjunction with the Namibian Embassy in Berlin. Mr Tim Huebschle, the overall winner of the competition was present as guest of honour. He also attended the Berlinale on invitation of p.art.ners.Berlin
21Feb 092 representatives of the Avalon Theatre spend 3 weeks with the Grips theatre to work together and fine tune the production of the Namibian adaptation of the Linie 1 musicalBerlin
22Mar 09Simone Haack, the selected Berlin artist, spent 2 months on a residency in Namibia supplied by p.art.nersWindhoek
23Mar 09Namibian artist, Cristina Salvoldi, taking up her residency in Berlin (4 months)Berlin
24Mar 09Kolmanskop photographic exhibition in DresdenDresden
25Apr 09Workshop for Namibian artists: one week workshop presented by Ms Simone Haack for UNAM students.Windhoek
26Apr 09Short film Competition Film Premiere at WCFF. All 4 short films received awards at the Namibian Film Awards.Windhoek
27May 09Jury selection of next round of Namibian artists for residencies and visit of institutions, planning in BerlinBerlin
28May 09Kolmanskop photographic exhibition in WuerzburgWuerzburg
29Jun 09EPIZ (Global Information Centre) on visits to schools in Namibia for the school partnership project.Berlin
30Jul 09Workshop & Shows: Berlin Dancers in Namibia with OYO dancersWindhoek
31Jul 09Design Stipend: 2 German designers working with the College of the Arts Product Design Department for 3 months.  In cooperation with ASA/InWent and CotAWindhoek
32Jul 09Poesiefestival Berlin – sponsored flights for Jackson Kaujeua & Joseph Molapong to perform readingsBerlin
33Jul 09Salon Interkulturell – presentation of the project, with podium discussions (Namibian Ambassador Mr Gertze, artists in residence, and other cooperation partners), films and much moreBerlin
34Aug 09The 5th Namibian visual artist, Shiya Karuseb, who has received a stipend from p.art.ners takes up residency in Berlin at the BBK workshops. (4 months residency)Berlin
35Aug 09Solo Exhibition:  ‘Rodung/Clearing’ by Namibian artist and 12 month residency holder Jost KirstenBerlin
36Aug 09Music show at the Leichtatletik WM in Berlin with Namibian Kwaito musicians EES and GAZZABerlin
37Aug 09Tulipamwe Int. Artist Workshop – sponsored a flight for Berlin artist Leslie HuppertNamibia
38Aug 09EPIZ – Visit and Workshop for teachers from Namibian partner schools in BerlinBerlin
39Sep 09Participation of Namibian stipend artists in the GTZ exhibition in EschbornBerlin
40Sep 09“Friends 4EVA” shows (Namibian adaptation of the Linie 1 Musical) 4 shows at NTN, 1 show at Zoopark,Windhoek
41Oct 09“Friends 4EVA” shows (Namibian adaptation of the Linie 1 Musical) Tour through Germany – 20 showsGermany
42Nov 09Departure of artist Joba Jonathan to Berlin. 12 month residency at Kuenstlerhaus BethanienBerlin
43Nov 09Participation of Pambilli Association at the Import Shop Messe in Berlin.Berlin
44Dec 09Departure of artist Barbara Boehlke to Berlin. 2-month residency BBKBerlin
45Jan 10Departure of artist Abniel Enkali to Berlin. 4-month residency BBKBerlin
46Jan 10Namibia4 savoldi | boehlke | karuseb | jonathan exhibition, Rathaus Reinikendorf.Berlin
48Mar 10Classic Young  Stars International Concert with performances from 3 Namibian musicians on marimba, saxophone and piano at the “ Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt”Berlin
49Apr 10School partnership project: visit of Berlin teachers to their Namibian partner schoolsWindhoek
50April 10Announcement of 2010/11 Berlin Residency for Namibian artists Invitation for Applications.Namibia
51May 10Finnisage with Cocktail Reception by the Namibian Embassy in Berlin for the Namibia4 art exhibitionBerlin
52May 10Departure of artist Paul Kiddo to Berlin. 2-month residency BBKBerlin
53Sep 10Departure of first artist of 2010/11 residency round to Berlin for short residency at the BBK (Elia Shiwoohamba – 2 months)Berlin
54Jan 11Departure of second artist of 2010/11 residency round to Berlin for short residency at the BBK (Lionel Pietersen – 4 months)Berlin
55Jan 11Yearly art exhibition by Namibian residency holders at Rathaus Gallery ReinickendorfBerlin
56Mar 11Namibian Art Exhibition at the Berlin Parliament Gallery in conjunction with the official Namibian Independence celebrations by the Namibian EmbassyBerlin
57May11Departure of third artist of 2010/11 residency round to Berlin for short residency at the BBK (Tanya Stroh – 4 months)Berlin

58Nov 10Yoba Valombola/ Exhitain: solo Exhibition Joba Jonathan (Künstlerhaus Bethanien)Berlin
59Jan 11Namibia5 by Namibian artists Elia Shiwoohamba, Paul Kiddo, Abniel Enkali, Lionel Pietersen at Rathaus Gallery ReinickendorfBerlin
60Mar 126 Namibian art students visit Berlin for a weekBerlin
61 2012Namibia 6 Berlin Windhoek 2008-2012 Finale, Rathausgalerie, Reinickendorf Berlin