White Lady

White Lady

White Lady

Weisser’s image: detail of a design of the initials of the ‘Fürst’ (logo):

Rust’s ‘answer’: Since this is the most elegant and feminine image of Weisser’s and it represents the royalty personally, Rust has answered by adding the image of the ‘White Lady’ of the Brandberg to it. The ‘White Lady’ is the most famous rock-painting in Namibia. It is of a strange-looking person, presumably a woman, clothed in white. She is holding a bow and arrow as well as something, which looks like a wine glass. Her decoration, body shape and representation are unlike any other known rock-paintings. She seems to have straight, shoulder-long hair, cut into a Bob style. It could also be a helmet? Nobody knows who she is, who painted her and why she is so different. Since Rust also often addresses the theme of identity in her art, and tries to find and justify her rightful place as a white woman (of German descent in the 5th generation) in Namibia. She thus personally relates to the image of the ‘White Lady’. While the ‘White Lady’ must have been drawn by the ancient (African) inhabitants of Namibia and stands symbolically for the ancient cultures and people, it also stands for the unknown, the stranger, the misplaced one, and for the white women (like Rust herself) living in Namibia today, as the unwanted minority.

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