Hunted Hunter

Hunted Hunter

Hunted Hunter

Weisser’s image: detail of a doorknob in the shape of a lion head.

Rust’s ‘answer’: a rock-painting style image of a lion chasing a man chasing a lion. Running in a circle. This image is naively drawn, like one would find in rock-paintings in Namibia. It thus relates to the ancient traditions, but also to the strong interconnection and conflict between man and nature in Namibia. Man has to fight and endure hardships to survive in the harsh environment, while on the other side man uses nature for his own advantage. Man in Namibia is a hunter and often responsible for the destruction of the nature, but on the other side Namibia is one of the first countries to declare large parts of the land as nature reserves. Namibia is well-known as a tourist destination, where tourists come to see nature and especially the wild, African animals like the lion.

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