Articles by Imke Rust

Here you find articles and texts which Imke Rust has written mainly about Namibian art and culture. They were published in catalogues, Namibian Magazines, such as the Flamingo (Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine), Insight (Namibia’s current affairs monthly), Big Issue and Sister Namibia. She has also written for the local newspapers The Namibian, New Era and Allgemeine Zeitung (German daily).

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Torsten Jurell, Contemporary Art Studio, 2008

Text on Swedish artist Torsten Jurell, in the  Contemporary Art Studio catalogue, featuring 100 Chinese and 100 international artists.

Published in Beijing, 2008

text on Torsten Jurell (PDF download)

Namibian Creativity in Berlin

Published: Flamingo Magazine, August 2009

Since the start of the ‘shared experiences’ visual art residency program of berlin-windhoek in the middle of 2008, four Namibian artists have been living and working in Berlin. Five more are invited to follow in their footsteps during the next year, while one Berlin artist per year is granted a residency in Namibia. Read more…

Coming of Age

Published: Flamingo Magazine, April 2009

Eighteen marks the coming of age of a young person in most cultures. But what does it mean for a nation? Windhoek, Namibia’s capital is surely a central place to feel the pulse of the country’s young democracy. Three Namibian film-makers explored this question in a fictional and creative way by producing short films based on the theme: 18 Years in Windhoek. Read more…


An article written by Imke Rust (c) for Flamingo, Air Namibia’s in-flight magazine, July 07

“You are doing WHAT?” My concerned friends asked when I mentioned my newest art project. “I am taking art into Etosha… Yes, the Etosha National Park. Yes, we have Namibia Wildlife Resorts blessings, and no, we are not crazy.”

For some it might sound crazy, but for the artists I have invited to join me on this venture it makes perfect sense. And when I introduced my proposal to the Managing Director of NWR, Mr Tobie Aupindi, he and his management team thought so too. Read more…

“What Dey Fighting For?”

Published: Flamingo Magazine, August 2008

…asks EeS in his latest music video which is quickly rising to fame. While the world and our leaders closely, but passively, watch the news of the crisis happening in Zimbabwe, the xenophobic violence in South Africa and the general stories of war, corruption and hostility, a few people actually do get up and speak out against it. Read more…

Rites of Passage – the trauma of child abuse

Published: Insight Magazine, Namibia, August 2007

She’s putting the last touches of paint on a canvas in her small studio in Swakopmund, when I arrive. The walls and floors of the studio are covered with finished paintings, and the smell of oil paint and turpentine fills the air.

I am greeted by images of desolated and sombre playgrounds and am immediately overcome by a gloomy feeling. An abandoned swing seems to move silently in the cold south-easterly wind, while muted colours outline a forgotten seesaw that has somehow lost its playful appeal… Read more…

A Great Love Story

Published: Big Issue, June 2004

In order to find out why people buy and collect art Imke Rust and meets up with professional photographer Helga Kohl.

We have over the years read much about artists and their art, but very little attention has been given to the patrons of the arts. Who are these people? And why do they buy art? In order to find out more I have met up with Helga Kohl to see the art she has collected and to ask why. Read more…

The Art of Living

Imke Rust talks to the Venezuelan Chargé d’Affaires about collecting art.

Published: Big Issue, July 2004

Meeting with the Chargé d’Affaires of Venezuela in Namibia, Mr Abraham Quintero, was an adventure of the senses. I came to see his art collection and find out more about his passion for art and I found that art is but one of many passions. Read more…


Published: Flamingo Magazine, November 2006

… Exactly a century later Namibia once again offers the world a gem of another kind. At the Frankfurter Buchmesse, one of Germany’s foremost publishers, Club Bertelsmann, has unveiled the latest book by “the most prominent African author in German literature” Namibian Giselher W. Hoffmann. ‘Diamantenfieber’ is Hoffmann’s 7th novel and its accompanying audio CD has already reached the 5th place on the Bertelsmann best-selling list. Read more…

Reporting from Bremen

Published: Flamingo Magazine, May 2006

During the month of May the Medienzentrum in Bremen will host an exhibition, entitled ‘…Namib>>’. Works focussing on Namibia by German artist Michael Weisser and myself, a Namibian artist will be on show. Art is a good way to build bridges between people, to communicate and to raise awareness, interest and understanding about important issues and that is exactly what this exhibition is about. Read more…

Of Amakhoe and Angels, Shepherds and Sheep…

Published: Flamingo Magazine, September 2006

“As an artist I bear the responsibilities of the shepherd…  And at the same time I must be like the sheep. The sheep has the grace and humbleness that teaches you to not rebel when the slaughter is inevitable. It knows that life does not end where the flesh ends. It willingly becomes the sacrifice.” Shiya Karuseb reflects when asked about the symbolism in his art. Read more…

Namibian Star Shines in Bamako

Published in the Flamingo (In-flight magazine of Air Namibia), April 2006

If you happened to be in Bamako, Mali, recently you would have been faced with the distinctly Namibian image of the interior of a sand filled house in Kolmanskop wherever you go. On every bus, on every open wall space, on the covers of newspapers and magazines, on numerous posters lining the main roads and hanging in huge banners from important buildings was the now world-famous photograph taken by Namibian photographer Helga Kohl. Read more…

Art at its best

The Standard Bank Namibia Biennale

Published: Flamingo Magazine, September 2005

When we think of Namibia, we think of wide, open spaces, of wild animals, beautiful sunsets and the desert. But there is more to Namibia than game drives, camping and restaurants. Namibia’s contemporary art scene is a spectacular and unique gem often overlooked by tourists and locals alike. And September is the month when we can see a selection of the best Namibian visual art under one roof. Read more…

Where Art Meets the Body

Imke Rust writes about artist and jewelery designer Heike Lukaschik

Did you ever take your favourite work of art along to a dinner party? Why not? With Heike Lukaschik’s miniature sculptures, designed to fit the human body, you can do exactly that. Artworks in their own rights they are the ideal conversation piece. “I approach jewelery holistically – not only can it be worn on the body, but it can also be displayed like a painting or miniature sculpture in a room.” Says Heike Lukaschik. Read more …

A Namibian Artist Studies in Norway (Herman Mbamba)

Published: Flamingo Dec 2004

“It is difficult to give away your plate in order to gain freedom.” This statement by the young Namibian artist Herman Mbamba, sums up his view on the art in Namibia. Most artists here struggle with aspects of basic survival and have to make art, which sells so that they can put food on the table. This result is art that pleases tourists for its decorative and exotic look and not necessarily true art, which has something to say. Only once a nation has reached a state where this basic survival is ensured, can artists start exploring their creative freedom and produce more than mere ‘airport art’. Read more…

Living Life Creatively

Published: Flamingo, February 2005

“It is more important to be skilful in thinking than to be stuffed with facts.” according to a famous quote by Einstein. Yet most of the traditional school systems still just pass on knowledge and teach the children what to think, instead of how to think. There are two important subjects, which teach us how to think, namely art and maths. While in maths we learn how to use the rational and logical facilities of the left-brain, art teaches us to think creatively and make use of the right side of the brain. Read more…

Unleash your Creativity

Published: Flamingo Magazine June 2005

Swakopmund has a great many things on offer for tourists and locals alike. Paragliding, quad biking, camel rides and boat cruises are just a few things on offer for the adventurous spirit. But, if none of the physical, outdoor activities appeal to you, or you have done it all before and would like to experience something new: Silke Berens’ art therapy workshop might just be the right address. Read more…

All Eyes on Madisia

Published in the Flamingo (Air Namibia’s In-Flight Magazine) in March 2005

The National Art Gallery of Namibia has a new director. Joseph Madisia, renowned artist, who has previously been the head of the Katutura Art Centre has taken over the reigns from Annaleen Eins. Eins has been in control of Namibia’s most important art institution for more than two decades.

At the time of writing the article, Madisia has only been in the director’s chair for three weeks and already has many plans and ideas for the future of the gallery. Read more…